Get Active, Get Addicted To Fitness – Best Decision You Will Make

Those feel good hormones, or endorphins, that you produce after physical activity can keep you going for hours. Your mood lifts, and you instantly feel better about yourself. Before you know it, it’s no longer an effort to roll out of bed and put on your running shoes. You find yourself looking forward to hitting the gym. Getting addicted to fitness can have many other positive benefits:

* Improved health. Once you have a regular workout routine happening your health will reap the rewards. Reduced blood pressure, a decreased risk of heart disease and stroke, and a significantly lessened chance of type 2 diabetes are all documented benefits from regular physical activity.

* Easier to manage weight. Working out burns calories and fat. It also keeps your metabolism running faster for some time afterwards. The end results? Combined with sensible eating you should be able to find it easier to keep your weight in check and reduce belly fat.

* More energy and stamina. The more you workout, the more energy you have. Sounds bizarre, but it is actually true. There is no better cure for a lethargic day than a bout of physical activity. The regular workouts will also mean that you will have more endurance to deal with daily activities, and your day won’t seem so hard or tiring.

* Healthier lifestyle choices. Once you become hooked on your fitness regime you will discover that you may start to select better lifestyle choices. Some of this may be subconscious, and just rubbing off from the people you hang out with when you workout. Some of it may be of a more conscious nature. For example, where you find yourself asking “Why sabotage the workout at the gym with that slice of pizza? Maybe I will go with the salad.” Some people also notice that they may drink less alcohol, as the thought of working out while feeling hungover can be too awful to contemplate for some.

* Improved quality of sleep.
All that working out will mean that you will sleep like a babe. Not only is the strenuous activity meaning your body needs the sleep physically, but mentally, working out is a great way to alleviate stress.

* Careful!
There are some folk out there who can take their workouts to extremes. If you find that you cannot skip a session no matter what (including injury) then you may be liking your exercise a bit too much. Other clues include working out 7 days a week for more than 90 minutes a session, or skipping social activities that you would normally attend to work out instead. Other indicators include participating in multiple classes back to back, and if you get more than a little down if you are forced to skip a session.


A good workout can leave you feeling energized and refreshed. Regular physical activity will improve your health, lower your weight, and improve your quality of sleep. After a while the exercising will become a pleasurable habit, leaving you with a healthier lifestyle that you enjoy. You will be looking good and feeling even better. Where are my trainers?