Buying A Gym Pass – Stretch Your Cash And Shrink Your Waist

Buying a gym pass can be a great motivational tool to keep you working out. However, in these tough economic times, every dollar counts. So what is going to work best for both your bank account and to reduce belly fat?

Length of pass

A 12 month membership can be a scary outlay on the wallet, especially all in go, so a shorter length of time can be more affordable as a one-off cost. Beware of 1 day passes as these are the most expensive way to get into a gym. Multiply the number of times you would go in a week or a month and you will see what we mean.

One month passes can be good if you are only looking at a quick fix before, say, a vacation. Why quick fix? Well, normally once the month is up most people take a planned or unplanned breather before they join again. If this coincides with your vacation, great. However if it is only going to coincide with a rest on the couch, it may be not such a good plan. Before you know it you will be right back where you started, needing another gym pass.

Three month passes will be more costly as an outlay, but when you split it over the 3 months you should come out a long way in front. If the amount is too shocking for the bank balance see if the gym will split the payment up into installments. Right now, those scenarios are becoming more likely as gyms and health clubs scramble for members. (You also will not be the only person asking.)

The other great benefit of a 3 month pass is that by the end of the 12 or 13 weeks you will be into a totally new and better routine. Your mind and body will have become accustomed to hitting the gym and you are less likely to stop going when your time is up. (Bear in mind that some bad habits can take longer than a month to break.)

Other features to look for

Of course, one of the only good things about a downturn in the economy is the fact that many gyms and health clubs are offering better deals. See what sort of incentives are out there before getting that gym membership.
* Free personal trainers and nutritionists can literally save you a fortune. While most gyms will offer a trainer free initially, see how many complimentary consultations you are entitled to.
* Free child minding facilities. Why pay for a sitter at home if you can get free child minding? Check out the staff’s qualifications and that the kiddy area is in fact child friendly.

Cost effective measures.

* Share with friends. Some gyms offer incentives  such as friends can work out for free. If any of your friends belong to gyms why not try these gyms for free before committing yourself. Taking friends for free is also great motivation to stop you jamming out when you first get started.
* Car pool with friends or colleagues can be a great way to save on fuel and car maintenance. It is also another great motivator to get you going.
* Medical insurance. Check with your health or medical insurance to see whether you are entitled to any sort of rebate. Many insurance companies are promoting pro active health measures to minimize health claims down the track.
* Employer’s discounts. Those people who work for large corporations may be entitled to gym discounts. Do your research.

The fine print.

* Extras. Check out that the pool and any special classes like Pilates, aqua aerobics, etc are covered in your membership.
* Class times. If you are wanting to take a few classes it can be worth your while to ensure that the classes are running when you can get there.
* Variety of machines. Before handing over your cash check out the machines and facilities. Does the gym have everything that you might want or need?


Stretch your dollar while you shrink your waist line with a monthly or 3 monthly gym pass. These are far more cost effective than a day or week pass and will provide the extra motivation to keep you working out.

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