Home Gym Exercise Equipment That Works For You

Okay, so you have made the decision that you are going to improve your fitness, lose a few pounds, or build up those biceps. You have also decided that you are going to embark on this campaign from home. Exercising out of home can be a wise decision for those who work crazy hours, parents, the isolated, those who are pushed for time, and those who just aren’t into exercising in front of others. Of course, now the big decision is what home gym exercise equipment is going to be the best for you?

At this point it is very easy to be seduced by those buff bodies on the TV selling all sorts of shiny equipment that comes with promises to transform you into a creature of perfection in next to no time, but obviously at great cost. There are a few factors to consider before rushing out and purchasing that huge home gym that didn’t look quite so big in the TV studio:

* Budget. This has to probably be one of the two most important considerations when selecting workout equipment. What are you prepared to spend? What are you allowed to spend? How much can you actually afford? For those with limited finances, great bargains can be obtained from garage sales, often barely used, through EBay, and local traders.

For very little outlay at all, you can have an effective workout selection just by investing in a pair of quality shoes, a skipping rope, fitness ball, yoga mat, resistance bands, hand weights, and some free weights. Borrow some fitness books or DVDs from your local library and you are all set. Apart from the sand-shoes, these other items can all be purchased for less than a hundred bucks in total if you shop smart.

* Space constraints.
This is your other big consideration. There is no point in lusting after the home gym if you have to hang it from the rafters. For those who do not have a spare room, basement, or garage to house their equipment, the equipment mentioned above is a great place to start. None of those items takes up much space and they can all be easily accommodated in a closet or under the bed when you are not using them.

* Exercise bikes can be a great piece of equipment for the space challenged. Combined with the above equipment, you will have an excellent repertoire to base your fitness campaign. Exercise bikes don’t require much space and can be a fantastic way to incorporate the cardio part of your workout. Not only that, exercise bikes are extremely useful for burning calories when the weather is too unpleasant for walking, biking, or jogging in the great outdoors.

Set your exercise bike up in front of the TV and you won’t even realize that you are pedaling away at the miles. When you need the space, tuck it under the stairs or alongside your car in the garage. For those with problem backs and knees, recumbent exercise bikes are probably a better option. These are the exercise bikes that look a bit like a lounge chair with pedals out front. The support at the back of the chair ensures that you cannot hunch your back over the handlebars the way you can with a more conventional exercise bike.

* Goals.
Determining your goals before you start purchasing will help you realize what you really need. Is this a lifelong commitment, or just something for a few months to shed the love handles? Be realistic about how often you will use the equipment and for how long. Do you want your brand new treadmill in the next street sale after only using it once?

* Start out small.
Starting off with the basics can be a sensible idea. If you totally embrace your new lifestyle and are sure you are going to be using it then go ahead and upgrade. At this point you will have a much clearer idea of what you really want and need.

Skipping Rope Exercises – Low Cost For High Results

For those who are financially, space, or time challenged, skipping rope can be a highly effective method of burning calories. Not only do you not need the space for a home gym, you don’t have to have the cash for one either. A simple rope from any large sports store can start from as little as $10. Not only is this form of exercising cheap, there are literally hundreds of skipping rope exercises that you can challenge yourself with to escape the boredom factor.

Benefits of skipping rope:

* improves coordination and agility.
* increases the heart rate.
* burns calories. A 10 minute session with a skipping rope can burn as many calories as a 30 minute jog.
* cost effective.
* portable.
* works many different muscle groups.
* huge variety of motions and techniques to prevent boredom.
* can easily be incorporated as the cardio component in interval training.

Disadvantages of skipping rope:

* can take some practice to get the hang of it.

Getting started:
* to get started you will obviously need a skipping rope and a good quality pair of cross trainers that will absorb the impact.
* you may like to watch some DVD’s or videos on various tricks and techniques to exercise various parts of your body.
* wooden floors or gym type flooring is great to help with the impact of landing.
* 9 foot clearance needed for height. (Approximately.)
* to determine your ideal rope length, each end of your rope should come level with your armpits when you place one foot on the ground on the middle of the rope.

Types of skipping ropes:

* woven ropes are usually made from nylon, cotton, or hemp, are slower, and hurt the least if they hit you. They are not so suitable for outdoors as the wind can lift them.
* speed ropes are fast, inexpensive, popular, fairly durable, and usually made from plastic. The only disadvantage to a speed rope is that they sting when they collide with your skin.
* leather ropes are traditionally used by boxers. These are the second fastest of the skipping ropes. They are the most expensive, sting on your skin, and can become easily twisted with tricky techniques. They can also take some time to unstiffen.
* weighted ropes either have weights in the handles, or are made from heavier rope, and are purported to benefit working the muscles in your arms while twirling the rope. Weighted ropes are great for outdoors on windy days. Weighted ropes will hurt more if they hit you. Generally it is better to start with a regular rope and work up.
* beaded ropes are flexible and well weighted for both low speed turning and tricks. The inner nylon cord is strung with beads making it a little heavier than a standard rope. These ropes will sting at high speeds. The heavier rope can also be more tiring on the arms when performing endurance routines.


Skipping rope is both a cost and time effective calorie burning workout. For $10 you have an easily portable piece of exercise equipment that with practice, can be used instead of jogging, and as a cardio component in interval training. A great investment for anyone looking to burn calories fast.

Great Ideas For A Home Gym That Will Work Well For Your Workout

Gone are the days of having to sweat it out on your exercise bike next to your bed. Or, perhaps even worse, being locked down in the dingy damp basement with your weights, treadmill and old dodgy black and white TV for company. In the last decade home gyms have really come into their own. Sales of home gym equipment have jumped from $900 million to an astonishing $4.7 billion since the early 1990’s. If you are looking for some inspiration, read on for these great ideas for a home gym.

* Floor space. The general consensus would appear to be that the minimum floor space for an adequate home gym would be 10 feet by 12 feet. This gives you enough space to layout any machines and mats easily. If you have to keep rearranging your equipment to use, you tend to stop.

* Ventilation. It may have been the basement or garage, but that does not mean it has to smell that way. Likewise your spare room does not need to start smelling like a stale locker room. Windows and overhead fans will be adequate. If there are no windows, invest in a great fan.

* Lighting. Daylight or fluoro lighting is best. This type of lighting tends to keep you alert and awake. Beware of spotlights as they will annoy your eyes.

* Entertainment.
Depending on what you type of exercise you are doing in your home gym will determine the appropriate entertainment. If you are into yoga, you will just need a sound system. Fans of exercise bikes may prefer to watch TV while pedaling away the miles. Have your music programmed to your needs. Slow, upbeat, whatever. If you are a fan of DVDs then you will need a system in place to allow you to watch your fitness or exercise program while you workout.

* Extras such as bar fridges, and small sinks can be great for cool refreshments. Shelves for holding towels, and adequate storage systems for weights etc are essential to keep the floor space clear.

* Decoration on the walls to keep you inspired or motivated can be great. Another good idea can be to have a floor length mirror installed to ensure that you are performing your moves correctly. A mirror will also make the room appear larger and lighter.

* Flooring. Rubber flooring is great if you can manage it. The rubber will absorb the sound and impact. It will also prevent the flooring underneath from being damaged if any weights are dropped. Ensure that the flooring is strong enough to carry the weight of the equipment.

Fitness Equipment Needed For

Strength Training Equipment – Which Is Best For You

While there are many kinds of strength training equipment designed for various muscle groups, all equipment used for strength training falls into one of two categories: free weights or machines. Your goals, fitness, and experience, will all play factors into what style of strength training is going to benefit you best.

You will find people out there who will swear till they are blue in the face about the merits of one over the other. However, not everyone has the same needs or goals. What may suit your neighbor may not be the ideal for you.

Strength Training Machine Advantages:
* Safer and easier for those just starting out.
* Less likely for the user to incur injury from incorrect motion.
* Can be be more effective when isolating specific muscle groups.

Strength Training Machine Disadvantages:
* Most machines can only perform one range of muscle exercise.
* Most machines are built for standard heights only.

Free Weights Advantages:

* Less expensive, can be more portable, better for those who are space challenged.
* Can be better for building up particular muscles needed for sports movements.
* More suited for the long term regular user.
* Will allow for more muscle mass.

Free Weights Disadvantages:
* Your technique needs to be precise to be effective.
* Poor technique can easily lead to injury.
* Training alone can be dangerous for the inexperienced.
* Requires better coordination.

Strength Training Equipment:
* Weight benches are the building block of a home gym. This is one area where you should go for quality, and ensure it has all the adjustable features you are needing.
* Dumbbells are versatile and can be used for many workouts. The variety to select from is astounding.
* Leg Press machines are an excellent option for anyone who hates doing squats.
* Lat machines are great for back work, and also for curls, low rows, and tricep exercises.
* Smith machines do away with the need for a spotter if you are training alone. This can literally, be a real life saver.
* Squat rack is another piece of equipment that with time you can build on for your home gym. Dip handles and lat rowers can be added on for extra versatility.
* Squat machines are great for those who hate doing squats. These are perfect for the home gym as you do not need a spotter.
* Barbell sets allow you to work out in a different way and to also lift heavier weights than those of your dumbbells. Barbells provide you with a huge amount of options for working out all those muscle groups. Be sure to purchase a set adequate for your needs.

Budget Fitness – Home Gym Exercise Equipment For About $100 Dollars

There are plenty of reasons to put off getting with the fitness program, but a popular excuse is lack of funds. If you really are keen to get fit we are going to show you how you can put together really effective home gym exercise equipment for under $100.

We should all know that every effective fitness campaign has three components: cardio, strength, and flexibility. No matter how hard up you are for cash, there are plenty of inexpensive, and in some cases free, options that you can go for.

*Footwear. Having appropriate footwear may well be your most expensive item. Your exercise shoes should be well supporting, and shock absorbing. Make sure that your shoes are comfortable and well suited for walking, jogging, or running. Cost: $60 approx when on sale.

Cardio Fitness

Depending on your budget there are several options for you to chose from.
*A brisk walk, jog, or run around the local park is free, and perfect for burning calories, and is the best aerobic exercise. Cost: free.
*Jump ropes can be an excellent way to get your heart going if the weather is too nasty for outdoors. This is a high impact exercise so make sure you wear your shoes. Cost: $20 if you scout around on the net, or free if you borrow your child’s.
*Mini trampolines can be another great option for low impact exercise or jogging in bad weather. Cost:$30 which included an instructional DVD and a set of fitness bands.
*Pedometers can be a fun way to relieve the boredom of your walk or jog. Just how far have you traveled and how many calories have you burned? Definitely not essential but can be fun. Cost: $15

Toning and Strength Training

*Fitness bands can be used for many muscle groups and are great for both strength and toning. Many bands are sold in kits with DVDs or books to allow you to maximize your workout. Otherwise hit your local library for some free educational inspiration. Cost: $3-7 per band or kits from $13.
*Dumbbells are great for incorporating arm and leg resistance to your workout. Dumbbell sets are more cost effective as you can increase the weight as you become stronger. Cost: $35 for a 20 pound set, and $45 for a 32 pound set.
*Chin-up bars give you the opportunity to exercise many parts of your body. Not only chin ups but pull ups, and hanging knee raises, leg raises and body twists. Cost: $15 for a fully convertible chin up/sit up bar to suit any door width.


*Stability balls are great for stretches, working on your core muscles and balance work. Cost: $18 for a ball alone, or $25 with an instructional DVD for stretches, workouts and exercises.
*Yoga mats are great for doing all your floor exercises, stretches, and any yoga or pilates that you may wish to add to the mix. A mat will also provide a more stable surface for a stability ball. Cost: $10 for a mat or $17 for a mat and instructional DVD.

Grand Total:
No Frills: Shoes, bands, dumbbells, and yoga mat comes in at $103.
If you already own a pair of shoes then you could lash out and purchase a chin up bar, stability ball, and the jump rope for the other $40.

Mini trampolines and pedometers are by no means essential for your fitness campaign and have only been mentioned as alternatives for those who might already own some of the other equipment.

*Library. Never underestimate your local library. This can be a great place to source both instructional books and DVDs on how to get fit. Cost: free.

Your home gym exercise equipment need not cost the earth. There are great bargains around for the savvy shopper. A shortage of funds need not stop you from exercising at home. For those with no cash to spare at all, grab a book from your local library instructing you in how to use your own body weight for strength and resistance work. Stick with walking, jogging or running. All you need to purchase is your runners.

*Costings were correct as of time of publication. Coco found the best prices online through the bigger retail outlets.

Life Fitness 9500 Exercise Bikes – The Best Stationary Bike Made

A Life Fitness 9500 stationary exercise bike in one of the best bikes on the market. If you are looking for a high quality bike for your home, a gym, work, or a hotel you can’t go wrong with Life Fitness. These bikes will stand up to most types of abuse and will last for many years.

Better than running, easier than the gym, an upright exercise bike can be your best friend when it comes to losing weight and getting in shape. Stationary bikes are low impact form of aerobic exercise that is easy on your body and your joints and also can prevent injuries. They can be easily set up in your home taking up very little space allowing you to get your workout any time.

One of the benefits of having an exercise bike in your home is you can workout when ever you want, before or after dinner, when you get home from work and after the kids go to bed.

Because you are inside, it doesn’t matter what the weather is outside or even if its dark outside. Getting your workout in allows you to burn calories helping you to lose that excess weight and get fit.

I know this for a fact. When I hurt my back, I had to stop running and I started to put on weight on fast. My exercise bike saved me! Now I work out three times a week and I’ve lost over twenty-five pounds. That’s the potential for you as well. When you ride your exercise bike regularly and eat properly, you’ll see your body shedding off those excess pounds!

You can buy an exercise bike for a few hundred dollars or a few thousand but what do they say, “you get what you pay for”. Buying an inexpensive bike is a waist of money. You need a quality bike that will last for years taking the abuse from all the family and giving you a safe ride.

Riding a cheap stationary bike you won’t want to ride because it will start to fall apart and you won’t have any fun. If you have fun riding, it will be easier to get rid of those extra pounds. With the better bikes, expect to see more options for measuring your heart rate, the calories that you are burning and varying your workout “programs”. Those things help you shed those extra pounds.

Don’t sacrifice those results for the sake of a cheap machine that ruins your workout. Invest in an exercise bike that is going to last years like a Life Fitness 9500 exercise bike. These are quality bikes that will last almost forever. They are used in gyms, hotels, spas, medical clinics, as well as your home. I have ridden one of these for years and I love it.

Life Fitness has been around selling equipment for many years. They are one of the top manufactures of fitness equipment. If you are thinking about buying a bike you can’t go wrong with a Life Fitness 9500 stationary exercise bike.

You can do it. You can lose those excess pounds and get in shape.

Life Fitness 9500 Recumbent Bike – Quality That Lasts

Do you have a sore lower back, hips and knees? Are you looking to lose weight, get in shape and live a healther life ? Riding a Life Fitness 9500 recumbent stationary exercise bike is a great way to do it. Being recumbent, it takes the pressure off you back and hips making it easier to ride.

I started some years ago with a portable upright exercise bike to work out for increasing my fitness. However, I was diagnosed in my mid 20’s with arthritis in my spine called Ankylosing Spondylitis.

I began to experience stiffness and soreness in my hips, lower backs and knees. Luckily, the Life Fitness 9500 recumbent exercise bike came to my rescue. It is one of the best bikes on the market and it gives me the same results as riding a stationary upright exercise bike but allows me to sit differently taking the strain off my back and hips. These bikes can be found in gyms, hotels, medical and physiotherapy clinics across the nation and are great bikes for your home.

I love it! I’ve lost twenty-five pounds and the regular exercise and eating right makes sure the pounds won’t come back. By riding your bike regularly and eating right, you’ll comfortably see your weight come down and your fitness go up.

The main difference with the recumbent exercise bikes compared to a regular stationary bike is in the posture and seat position. You adopt a half-sitting, half-lying position with a padded seat and back support for your back and your legs are out in front. They work the same basic muscles as an upright bike and gives you the same cardio workout.

Essential features include handles to allow you to get on and off easily and the heart rate monitor to make sure that you are exercising at the right level with programs to optimize the fat-burning possibilities.

With the different models available on the market, be sure to choose a quality bike that will last for years. For that reason, avoid models that are just too cheap. Their lifespan will be shorter and will not have the benefits of the better recumbent exercise bikes.

Better bikes have digital control panels that allow you to monitor your heart rate, automatically adjust the intensity of your workout, and have different preset programs to help you achieve your fitness goals. In other words, for a quality workout, choose a quality bike like a Life Fitness 9500 recumbent exercise bike. Also you can find these bikes new and remanufactured at half the cost. They are rebuilt and come with 30 money back guarantee.

Tips On How To Choose A Bike Rack

Planning a vacation with plenty of bike riding sounds fantastic. Exercise, scenery, and fresh air. Great idea. Then you remember that the bikes will have to be attached to your vehicle for the journey. Which sort of bike rack is going to suit you best? Read on for handy tips on how to choose a bike rack.

There are 2 types of bike racks on the market for you to select from. Racks that attach to the back of your trunk, and racks that sit on the roof of your car. Both styles have their advantages and disadvantages.

A quick tip to remember is that no matter what style of bike rack you choose, security of your bikes will be a real concern. There are security devices you can get to safeguard your bikes, but according to bike experts these can be breached in about 5 minutes by a serious bike thief.

Roof Racks.

Here are the points to consider in relation to roof racks:

Life Saving Tips On How To Choose a Bike Helmet

Adults and children alike should protect their heads each end every time they ride a bike. Colliding with a car is always going to result in the most injuries, but even a casual ride on a bike path can cause a significant, if not fatal, head injury if you fall.

Bike helmets do a great job of absorbing much of the impact when you land on your head.

Types of Bike Helmets.

There are 3 main types of bike helmets available for the bike rider:

Road bike helmets tend to focus on aerodynamics, ventilation, and low weight.

Mountain bike helmets are generally made to stay on when encountering bumps. They tend to feature extra coverage for the back of the head, and offer the best protection for unexpected surprises.

Multi-sports helmets offer, as the name suggests, head protection for cyclists on the road or trail and are great for skaters. These helmets are extremely versatile and as such are great value for money.

Ensuring the Correct Fit.

Your bike helmet will not be effective if it does not fit your head correctly. Follow these tips to get the right helmet for you.