Exercise And Aging – Slow Down The Clock

Recent research has shown that exercise and aging may be even more related than we previously thought. A study performed in the UK on sets of twins showed that the twin who regularly exercised had longer telomeres than the twin who didn’t. What’s a telomere? A telomere is the cap that protects the ends of your chromosomes. As you get older, as in the case of the sedentary twin, these telomeres become shorter. However, the twin who participated in regular sport had longer telomeres than their slothful twin, and from a cellular level appeared up to 9 years younger.

It is never to late to start exercising. If you haven’t exercised in a while, you are probably wise to get a clearance from your medical practitioner before you start. Even as little exercise as 10 minutes a day can have a positive impact on your health.

Apart from making you look and feel younger, exercise has many other benefits to help slow down the hands of time: