Life Saving Tips On How To Choose a Bike Helmet

Adults and children alike should protect their heads each end every time they ride a bike. Colliding with a car is always going to result in the most injuries, but even a casual ride on a bike path can cause a significant, if not fatal, head injury if you fall.

Bike helmets do a great job of absorbing much of the impact when you land on your head.

Types of Bike Helmets.

There are 3 main types of bike helmets available for the bike rider:

Road bike helmets tend to focus on aerodynamics, ventilation, and low weight.

Mountain bike helmets are generally made to stay on when encountering bumps. They tend to feature extra coverage for the back of the head, and offer the best protection for unexpected surprises.

Multi-sports helmets offer, as the name suggests, head protection for cyclists on the road or trail and are great for skaters. These helmets are extremely versatile and as such are great value for money.

Ensuring the Correct Fit.

Your bike helmet will not be effective if it does not fit your head correctly. Follow these tips to get the right helmet for you.