How Do High Protein Diets Work In Keeping Lost Pounds Off?

OK. So you have lost your love handles and dropped a dress size. Fantastic. Now you want to keep it off. There is nothing worse than losing all that weight to have it all creep back on. However, new research has shown that by following a high protein diet you can easily keep those lost pounds away. How do high protein diets work? Read on.

A recent survey was performed in Europe on 200 dieters who had managed to each lose at least 8% of their body weight. These people were subsequently placed on 5 different types of post diet eating regimes for the following 6 months. The five different eating patterns were low protein, low GI; low protein, high GI; high protein, low GI; high protein, high GI; and lastly, a balanced diet.

The high protein groups were all receiving 50% of their calories from carbs, and 25% of their calories from protein. The low protein groups consumed 12% of their calories in the form of protein, and up to 60% of their calories from carbs.

All of the people who were on the low protein and balanced diets regained weight. The average amount regained was about 4-6 pounds. However, the people on the high protein diets, regardless of the GI values of the foods they ate, regained less than 2 pounds.

Researchers concluded that for the average person, the GI values of foods was not as important as the levels of protein that they consumed. Having protein with each meal tends to leave the dieter feeling fuller for longer. Not being hungry means there is not so much inclination to cheat. Eating 3 meals and 3 snacks, all with some form of lean protein, will suppress the hormones governing your appetite.

The high protein foods used in the study were eggs, fish, meat, and whole grains. Low GI foods are useful for diabetics controlling their blood sugars and included many fresh fruits and vegetables. High GI foods were refined carbohydrates including potatoes and white breads which are quickly released into the bloodstream causing a spike in blood sugar levels.

High protein diets are an effective way to keep the pounds off after a weight loss campaign has been finished. High protein diets tend to leave a person feeling fuller and more satisfied for longer. This seems to stop excess food consumption, and the likelihood of cheating. Binge eating is also reduced. A high protein diet was defined as a diet with more than 25% of calorie input coming from protein sources.