Being Accountable For Successful Weight Loss And Fitness

One of the most successful strategies for losing weight, gaining fitness, or just getting into shape, is to be accountable to someone else. Justifying what you have and haven’t eaten, and whether or not you have worked out can be just the impetus that many of us need. It can be easy to tell yourself skipping the workouts for a week was okay, or even having those hot chips, the beer, and the pizzas, were all just special one off occasions. However, when you have to explain your poor selections to a third party, it can be more difficult to sound convincing. Read on for simple tips on how to make yourself accountable when saying to yourself “I want six pack abs“.

* Journals.
Food and exercise diaries can be a simple and inexpensive way to keep tabs on yourself. Documenting your food intake and your daily exercise activities will allow you to see where your strengths and weaknesses lie. It can be very easy to forget about the second serving, or the bowl of ice cream, but once written down, it is there for you to see and review at the end of the day and the week.

Journals can also be a great place to document your weight loss weekly and your measurements. Had a slow week? Check to see what went wrong. Had a great week with the bathroom scales or tape measure? Look back for the secret of your success. Journals also allow you to mark in your goals and see if you are keeping on track.

Of course, journals will only work if you are going to be honest with yourself, but the real beauty of a journal is no one reads it except you.

* Buddies are another great way to stay accountable. Be sure to team up with someone with similar goals to yourself. It is a lot harder to skip a workout at the gym when you are letting down your buddy. When you are feeling tempted to do the wrong thing your buddy will be able to remind you of all the reasons why you shouldn’t.

* Online blogs and social media. Weight loss blogs, notice boards, and social networking websites can all be great places to list what you are eating and how much you are exercising. Knowing that others will be tracking your progress can be great incentive to select the salad for lunch over the deep fried take away. Many people find the anonymity of social media comforting as well. You can tell the world that you started off at 280 pounds and that you have lost 40 without any embarrassment at all.

* Personal trainers, weight loss centers, fitness clubs and gyms.
These are all compelling ways to keep yourself on the straight and narrow. Knowing that someone is going to look at your weight on the scales or come at you with a tape measure is great motivation for anyone. These options are all proven to work as no one wants to fail in front of others, particularly when they have paid out money.


Being accountable to others can be a great way to ensure successful weight loss and ongoing fitness. Journals, buddies, and online social websites can be excellent and inexpensive options for motivational support. Personal trainers and weight loss centers are other excellent avenues for those with the extra cash. It is a great idea to ensure that whoever or whatever you are accounting to will offer positive encouragement.