Tips On How To Choose A Bike Rack

Planning a vacation with plenty of bike riding sounds fantastic. Exercise, scenery, and fresh air. Great idea. Then you remember that the bikes will have to be attached to your vehicle for the journey. Which sort of bike rack is going to suit you best? Read on for handy tips on how to choose a bike rack.

There are 2 types of bike racks on the market for you to select from. Racks that attach to the back of your trunk, and racks that sit on the roof of your car. Both styles have their advantages and disadvantages.

A quick tip to remember is that no matter what style of bike rack you choose, security of your bikes will be a real concern. There are security devices you can get to safeguard your bikes, but according to bike experts these can be breached in about 5 minutes by a serious bike thief.

Roof Racks.

Here are the points to consider in relation to roof racks: