Skipping Rope Exercises – Low Cost For High Results

For those who are financially, space, or time challenged, skipping rope can be a highly effective method of burning calories. Not only do you not need the space for a home gym, you don’t have to have the cash for one either. A simple rope from any large sports store can start from as little as $10. Not only is this form of exercising cheap, there are literally hundreds of skipping rope exercises that you can challenge yourself with to escape the boredom factor.

Benefits of skipping rope:

* improves coordination and agility.
* increases the heart rate.
* burns calories. A 10 minute session with a skipping rope can burn as many calories as a 30 minute jog.
* cost effective.
* portable.
* works many different muscle groups.
* huge variety of motions and techniques to prevent boredom.
* can easily be incorporated as the cardio component in interval training.

Disadvantages of skipping rope:

* can take some practice to get the hang of it.

Getting started:
* to get started you will obviously need a skipping rope and a good quality pair of cross trainers that will absorb the impact.
* you may like to watch some DVD’s or videos on various tricks and techniques to exercise various parts of your body.
* wooden floors or gym type flooring is great to help with the impact of landing.
* 9 foot clearance needed for height. (Approximately.)
* to determine your ideal rope length, each end of your rope should come level with your armpits when you place one foot on the ground on the middle of the rope.

Types of skipping ropes:

* woven ropes are usually made from nylon, cotton, or hemp, are slower, and hurt the least if they hit you. They are not so suitable for outdoors as the wind can lift them.
* speed ropes are fast, inexpensive, popular, fairly durable, and usually made from plastic. The only disadvantage to a speed rope is that they sting when they collide with your skin.
* leather ropes are traditionally used by boxers. These are the second fastest of the skipping ropes. They are the most expensive, sting on your skin, and can become easily twisted with tricky techniques. They can also take some time to unstiffen.
* weighted ropes either have weights in the handles, or are made from heavier rope, and are purported to benefit working the muscles in your arms while twirling the rope. Weighted ropes are great for outdoors on windy days. Weighted ropes will hurt more if they hit you. Generally it is better to start with a regular rope and work up.
* beaded ropes are flexible and well weighted for both low speed turning and tricks. The inner nylon cord is strung with beads making it a little heavier than a standard rope. These ropes will sting at high speeds. The heavier rope can also be more tiring on the arms when performing endurance routines.


Skipping rope is both a cost and time effective calorie burning workout. For $10 you have an easily portable piece of exercise equipment that with practice, can be used instead of jogging, and as a cardio component in interval training. A great investment for anyone looking to burn calories fast.

Nintendo Wii Fitness – Lounge Lizards Can Now Burn Calories

If you are visiting this site, you are probably not a couch potato. However, other members of your household, including your children, may well be. Perhaps your offspring or spouse could benefit from a little more exercise? Perhaps you like the thought of being able to use one of your child’s expensive gizmos that was purchased with your hard earned cash?

Whatever the situation, it would appear that Nintendo has done a splendid effort in getting butts off couches and burning calories in the lounge room, with the innovation of the Nintendo Wii Fitness, or Nintendo Wii Fit, depending on which part of the world you reside in.

What is Nintendo Wii Fit?

This program was created by Shigeru Miyamoto who was the mastermind of Mario. Basically, this add on comes in the form of something resembling your bathroom scales, a plastic board that you will be stepping on and off, or balancing on. This board communicates wirelessly with the console. The software includes such options as aerobics, yoga, balance, and strength training. Before you start you will have to program in your age, gender, and weight. The in-built calendar will track your improving flexibility, balance, strength, weight loss and BMI for you.

You will have an avatar representing you. If you are perceived as being overweight by the program, then your avatar will look a little chubby. Your avatar will slim down when you do. There have been some comments by the public complaining about the program being a little too critical or tactless. Some parents have objected to their children being described as chubby or clumsy.

This program starts off relatively simply and incorporates more challenging and interesting activities as you become more proficient. So, the more you play, the more of a challenge it will become. You can select a more formal style to your program or more casual. There are even little personal trainers included in the program.

Wii Fit will not replace your health club or gym membership. However, it is a fun and stimulating way to encourage lounge lizards to burn a few calories. There are several published articles available surveying individuals who have diligently added 30 minutes of Wii fitness to their lifestyles daily for 6 weeks. The results were pretty impressive. Weight losses between 6-9 pounds were encountered by those who took it seriously.

Who is Wii Fit good for?

Wii Fit can be perfect for those people who are housebound due to bad weather or other circumstances. You can turn this program on while the rest of the house is sleeping and work through your aerobics or yoga program in peace and quiet. Anyone looking to exercise at unusual hours will enjoy this fun and stimulating program.

Wii Fit can be a great way to get those lounge lizards in your house off the couch and moving around. After all, any movement is better than none at all. Please note, the cut off level is 330 pounds, so if you weigh more than this, you won’t be able to play.

A calorie burning fitness game has to be a step in the right direction. Hide the remote and bring out the Wii.

Budget Fitness – Home Gym Exercise Equipment For About $100 Dollars

There are plenty of reasons to put off getting with the fitness program, but a popular excuse is lack of funds. If you really are keen to get fit we are going to show you how you can put together really effective home gym exercise equipment for under $100.

We should all know that every effective fitness campaign has three components: cardio, strength, and flexibility. No matter how hard up you are for cash, there are plenty of inexpensive, and in some cases free, options that you can go for.

*Footwear. Having appropriate footwear may well be your most expensive item. Your exercise shoes should be well supporting, and shock absorbing. Make sure that your shoes are comfortable and well suited for walking, jogging, or running. Cost: $60 approx when on sale.

Cardio Fitness

Depending on your budget there are several options for you to chose from.
*A brisk walk, jog, or run around the local park is free, and perfect for burning calories, and is the best aerobic exercise. Cost: free.
*Jump ropes can be an excellent way to get your heart going if the weather is too nasty for outdoors. This is a high impact exercise so make sure you wear your shoes. Cost: $20 if you scout around on the net, or free if you borrow your child’s.
*Mini trampolines can be another great option for low impact exercise or jogging in bad weather. Cost:$30 which included an instructional DVD and a set of fitness bands.
*Pedometers can be a fun way to relieve the boredom of your walk or jog. Just how far have you traveled and how many calories have you burned? Definitely not essential but can be fun. Cost: $15

Toning and Strength Training

*Fitness bands can be used for many muscle groups and are great for both strength and toning. Many bands are sold in kits with DVDs or books to allow you to maximize your workout. Otherwise hit your local library for some free educational inspiration. Cost: $3-7 per band or kits from $13.
*Dumbbells are great for incorporating arm and leg resistance to your workout. Dumbbell sets are more cost effective as you can increase the weight as you become stronger. Cost: $35 for a 20 pound set, and $45 for a 32 pound set.
*Chin-up bars give you the opportunity to exercise many parts of your body. Not only chin ups but pull ups, and hanging knee raises, leg raises and body twists. Cost: $15 for a fully convertible chin up/sit up bar to suit any door width.


*Stability balls are great for stretches, working on your core muscles and balance work. Cost: $18 for a ball alone, or $25 with an instructional DVD for stretches, workouts and exercises.
*Yoga mats are great for doing all your floor exercises, stretches, and any yoga or pilates that you may wish to add to the mix. A mat will also provide a more stable surface for a stability ball. Cost: $10 for a mat or $17 for a mat and instructional DVD.

Grand Total:
No Frills: Shoes, bands, dumbbells, and yoga mat comes in at $103.
If you already own a pair of shoes then you could lash out and purchase a chin up bar, stability ball, and the jump rope for the other $40.

Mini trampolines and pedometers are by no means essential for your fitness campaign and have only been mentioned as alternatives for those who might already own some of the other equipment.

*Library. Never underestimate your local library. This can be a great place to source both instructional books and DVDs on how to get fit. Cost: free.

Your home gym exercise equipment need not cost the earth. There are great bargains around for the savvy shopper. A shortage of funds need not stop you from exercising at home. For those with no cash to spare at all, grab a book from your local library instructing you in how to use your own body weight for strength and resistance work. Stick with walking, jogging or running. All you need to purchase is your runners.

*Costings were correct as of time of publication. Coco found the best prices online through the bigger retail outlets.