The Health Benefits Of Juice Over Soda Pop – The Scary Statistics

The health benefits of juice over soda pop are numerous. 100% juices can be a great and convenient way to consume your daily serve of fruits and vegetables. Children who are finicky eaters can really benefit from having their fruits and vegetables freshly juiced.

Recent research has proven that you will still be receiving all of the nutrition and antioxidants that are contained in the fruits and vegetables when they are juiced.

Some parents have taken 100% fruit and vegetable juices out of their children’s diets, fearing that juice is linked to childhood obesity. Recent studies have revealed there is no link between 100% fruit and vegetable juices and childhood obesity. Researchers do add that you should provide your child with the amount that is appropriate to their age, which can range between 1/2 cup and 1 1/2 cups daily, depending on their age.

Juicing several fruits or vegetables together can be a fantastic way to ensure your children, and yourself, are receiving plenty of different fruits and vegetables in a wide range of colors.

In stark contrast, the recent statistics on soda, or pop, are alarming for everyone. Sodas and pop that contain sugars are dangerously high in sugars which are causing rotting teeth, contributing to the obesity pandemic, and increasing your chances of diabetes. A sugar alternative commonly used in sodas now is corn fructose syrup, which has been proven to affect collagen in growing animals and results in liver disease much the same as alcoholic’s liver disease.

Artificially sweetened sodas contain aspartamine which is a known neuro-toxin. The citric acid and artificial flavors contain MSG which is another known neuro-toxin, as well as being an allergen for many. The caffeine added to many sodas can result in over stimulation of the adrenal glands, and in children this can result in a syndrome known as adrenal exhaustion.

The phosphoric acid added to sodas has been linked to loss of calcium. In fact, in recent years the dramatic increase in the consumption of sodas amongst the youngsters in the US has seen a huge rise in the number of adolescent girls with broken bones and osteoporosis. (Osteoporosis is a bone condition where the bones are lacking in calcium. This condition was once primarily only seen in post menopausal women.) Phosphoric acid is also responsible for stripping the enamel off your teeth, leading to rotting teeth.