Is There A Latest Time To Eat For Weight Loss And Management

Is there a latest time to eat for weight loss and weight management?  We have all heard the theories: no carbs after 6pm, no foods after 9pm, and the list goes on. While many diets, especially those supposedly favored by celebrities, state we shouldn’t be eating after various times in the evening, is there necessarily any truth to this?

Timing of Meals

Research has shown that your body may deal with the same meal in various ways throughout the day. After about 2pm your body starts to produce different levels of insulin and has a different response to sugar than it would for the same meal eaten earlier in the day. Apparently this is even more so in females. The answer to this? Keep away from those high GI foods (think processed sugars such as candies) after lunch.

* Eating Breakfast
is recognized as being the most vital meal of the day, especially for weight loss. The reasons? Firstly, your body has not received any nutrition while you have been sleeping. No food after 8, 10, or 12 hours means that your body needs some sustenance to fire up your metabolism first thing in the morning. Yes, you will actually be better off from a metabolic point if you eat something than if you skip breakfast.

Secondly, those people who skip breakfast tend to end up consuming more calories throughout the day. The reason? After missing breakfast these folks tend to eat more sugar, more calories, and more carbs in the latter half of the day than their counterparts who do eat breakfast. Not only that, but the calories and carbs have been eaten at the wrong end of the day.

* Dinner.
We can’t all eat, or even want to eat, our dinner before 6 or 7 pm. Work, gym, life, there are many reasons to make this logistically impossible for many. Dinner should be a small serving of low fat quality protein such as fish, or poultry, along with salads or vegetables. Avoid high GI foods and opt for low GI whole grains for rices and pastas. Skip the seconds and dessert.

* Late night snacks. There is a difference between a healthy before bed time snack and mindless eating after dinner in front of the TV or laptop. Obviously, eating a carton of ice cream, or a block of chocolate is not going to help you lose weight. When are you going to burn off those empty calories?

* Healthy late night snacks
include things like a glass of low fat calcium enriched milk. Low fat protein sources such as yogurt or cottage cheese are also great selections. Your body will be able to use the protein while you are sleeping to strengthen your muscles. (Important for those who participate in a lot of strength training.)


When it comes to weight loss, the most important factor of all is to ensure that your diet is calorie deficient. In other words, you are burning more calories than you are consuming. Eating a little less, or more correctly, and exercising effectively, are 2 ways to achieve this. Eating breakfast is an important component for both weight loss and healthy weight management. Smaller low GI dinners will help to compensate for the body’s altered response to sugars eaten later in the day.

Why Would You Use Mirrors In The Gym?

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the strongest of them all? Why would you use mirrors in the gym? There are quite a few good reasons to have some mirrors installed where you workout. No, it isn’t just to admire your great physique. Read on to see why gyms and health clubs have walls and wall of mirrors:

* Check form.
Probably the most important reason for having mirrors is to keep an eye on your from. This is especially important when you are training at home or on your own. It can be incredibly easy to slip into bad habits quickly when working out or lifting weights. Incorrect motions not only result in injuries, but are also pretty much a waste of time. There is no point lifting those weights if you are doing it all wrong.

Poor form can lead to long term and insidious injuries and weaknesses, as well as more noticeable short term injuries that can sideline you while you are recovering. Incorrect form will also mean that the muscle group you are trying to focus on will not tone up as fast as is optimal. The other disadvantage to poor form is that when you are using other muscles to help you with your workout, you will not be burning as many calories as fast as you would be if you were completing the motion correctly.

Mirrors also enable you to see the back half and both sides giving you an all round view of what you are doing. Another benefit of mirrors is that they assist you with your balance. You can easily see that your weight is evenly distributed and that your feet and shoulders are evenly spaced.

* Posture. Keeping your tummy tucked in is important for many workouts. Letting it all hang out is not usually considered an option. This is important when you are asking yourself how to get a six pack of abs, doing abdominal and core work, and the mirrors will come into their own. Correct alignment will ensure that there is no unnecessary pressure placed on crooked backs and necks.

* Cheaper than a trainer. Mirrors play a critical factor when there is no trainer or spotter present. Keep your eye on yourself literally and make sure those reps are being done right. No bending, no cheating, and no cutting corners. Any parts of you that are being lazy or slack are instantly demonstrated. This will prevent you from getting into bad habits that are then difficult to break.

* Determine progress.
Once you get into a workout or training routine you will be able see for yourself how much better you are going through the motions and how much stronger you are getting.

* Stay motivated.
Mirrors really allow you to see just how pumped you are getting. Sure, you can check yourself out in the bathroom mirror, but that is not the same as seeing those muscles bulging when you are doing the exercise correctly. The better the muscles start looking in the mirrors, the more you will be inspired to keep on going.

* Brighten room. Mirrors can also be an excellent way to brighten up a dark space and make it look bigger. Since many of us are working out in basements, or small spaces, this can be worthwhile on its own. A pleasant workout space is much more appealing and inviting, and you will be much more inclined to hang out there. No-one wants to work out in a dungeon.

* Mirrors on a budget.
Try your local hardware store for cheap mirrors that you can attach to the wall in sections. This can be much more cost effective than going to a fitness store. Don’t forget that there will also be bargains to be had on EBay, and possibly garage sales.

* How to use those mirrors.
How you view yourself, will depend on the exercise you are doing. Standing straight on can be great for many while others are best seen from the side. Care should be taken to not be trying to turn your neck around 90 degrees to peer into the mirror. This sort of activity will strain your neck very quickly. For this reason it can be a great idea to mount mirrors on a couple of walls at right angles to each other so you can easily see yourself from more than one angle at a time.


There are plenty of good reasons for gyms to have those walls of mirrors. No, it isn’t so you can keep an eye on that hot body on the other side of the room. Mirrors in a home gym play a crucial component in keeping proper form. Mirrors are invaluable when trainers and spotters are not around. Being able to track your progress will also keep you motivated and feeling good about your workout program.

3 Simple Tips To Maintain Your Ideal Body Weight

What is your ideal body weight? Is it the lowest possible number on the bathroom scales? Is it the equivalent of fitting into size 0 jeans? Is it looking like Mr. Universe? The answer is not necessarily. Your ideal weight is a range calculated from the Body Mass Index Calculator, which takes into account height and gender as factors determining your healthy weight range.

Your ideal weight will minimize your chances of heart disease, stroke, some forms of cancer, and type 2 diabetes. The less pounds you are lugging around, the less of a burden you are placing on the joints in your lower spine, hips, and knees. Your ideal body weight range will be where you feel comfortable and healthy in yourself.

Once you have reached the magic dress or jeans size, the trick is then to maintain it. Going back to your former eating habits and abandoning your workout routine entirely will have the pounds creeping back on. Before you know it you will be back in your fat clothes. How to keep the pounds from piling back on?

* Regular exercise is one of the best possible ways to keep a check on your weight. Working out not only burns energy, and tones muscle, but will also speed up your resting metabolism. This means that your body will be running more efficiently and burning more calories at rest for longer. While you may no longer have to work out as often as when you had to exercise to lose belly fat, you will still have to workout or perform some sort of physical activity, at least 3-4 times weekly. Selecting activities that you enjoy is a great way of ensuring that you keep it up.

* Eat balanced meals.
Rigidly starving yourself is not achievable long term. Strive for healthy well balanced meals that are both tasty and nutritious. Keep the meals and snacks that you enjoyed from your diet. Slowly bring back other foods that you may enjoy that are not so healthy.

Keep the unhealthy snacks and meals to a minimum on perhaps a once a week level. Total deprivation will only result in frustration, boredom and binges. However, eating the pizza, deep fried chicken, or sweeties on a daily basis may have you quickly back where you started from. Some people find that once they have banished the unhealthy foods from their lifestyle that they really don’t miss them or crave them. If this is you, then leave well alone.

* Plan ahead for both physical activity and meals.
Packing healthy snacks and salads for meals throughout the day can ensure that you are not left starving with only take away to solve your problem. If your days are hectic, try for an early morning walk or workout before the rest of the day interferes. If your diary is telling you that there is some serious calorie intake coming up, try to be a little more careful with what your are eating, and perhaps squeeze in a little more exercise, both before and after, to compensate.


Maintaining your ideal body weight is all about planning ahead and permanent lifestyle changes. Incorporating pleasurable physical activities as well as healthy and sensible eating will be much easier to maintain long term then 5 hours daily in the gym and living on raw salad.

Simple Tips To Easily Improve Your General Health

Are you feeling run down? Are the muffin tops or love handles getting bigger? Are your energy levels down? Is your blood pressure on the rise? Do you wake up feeling like you need a good night’s sleep? How you look and feel is a great indicator of your general health. If you are answering “Yes” to any or all of these questions, then maybe it is time for a bit of an overhaul. Read on for some simple tips to improve your stamina and reduce belly fat.

* Diet.

The word diet need not mean food deprivation, or counting calories, carbohydrates or fat grams. However, a sensible intake of food will have you feeling a lot better in no time. Consuming foods from all parts of the food group pyramid is a great way to ensure that your body is receiving what it needs in the correct percentages.

A great diet will contain lean protein (think fish, poultry, and lean beef) to ensure you stay fuller for longer. Cutting back on the unhealthy fats (think deep fried anything, butter, margarine, and lard) will lower blood cholesterol levels and reduce your waist size.

Eating complex carbohydrates (think whole grains, breads and pastas) will provide valuable vitamins and fiber. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also a great source of fiber and essential vitamins and minerals.

Cutting back on refined sugars that are found in cookies, sweeties, and pastries will not only help with weight control, but also prevent the surges and falls in blood sugar levels that come with consuming too many sugars in the one go.

An easy to follow and healthy eating lifestyle is the Mayo Clinic Diet.  Click here for further information.

* Water.

Being less than adequately hydrated makes you feel tired and lethargic. Grab a glass of water in the afternoon when the after lunch fatigue sets in instead of a coffee. Most of us need a minimum of 8 glasses of water or herbal tea daily. Intensive activity, heat and humidity will up your fluid requirements significantly. Alcohol, coffee, and tea are all diuretics and will actually decrease your fluid levels.

* Exercise.

On of the best ways to increase your energy levels and stamina is to participate in physical activity. 30 minutes daily of any form of activity is enough to reap the health benefits. If you are unable to maintain 30 minutes in the one go, start with blocks of 10 minutes and slowly increase.


Sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture. Your body needs adequate sleep to recharge and recover. People who are constantly sleep deprived have higher risks of obesity. While you are sleeping your body is repairing muscles and cells. Sleep is also essential for the correct production of your hormones. Try for 8 hours sleep and see how much more refreshed you feel in the morning.


Making a conscious decision to change your general health will have you looking and feeling better in no time. A sensible diet and exercise routine, plenty of water, along with quality sleep will go a long way to improving your overall health.

What Is The Best Time To Exercise For The Maximium Results

“What is the best time to exercise?” is a frequently asked question. There are advantages and disadvantages to morning, afternoon, and evening exercise regimes. However, all experts agree that ultimately the best time to exercise is when you can regularly and reliably fit it in. For those of you with the luxury of being able to select your own workout time read on to see what workout hour is best for getting rid of you belly fat.

The Morning Workout

* over and done with before the constraints and distractions of the day get in the way.
* gets the endorphins, or feel good hormones, running, ensuring that you are starting the day on a natural high.
* mornings are generally cooler and a less polluted time of day for those exercising outdoors.
* mental alertness and concentration during the rest of the day will all be sharper.
* boosts the metabolism for the longest interval.
* burns more fat as fat stores need to be burned to produce the glycogen, or energy, required for the workout.
* morning exercisers are the group most likely to continue with their routine in the long term.


* probably have to get out of bed earlier.
* possible increased risk of injury if insufficient warm up.

The Afternoon or After Work Workout

* some research has shown that the body’s endurance, strength and performance are all marginally improved in the late afternoon making workouts slightly more effective. This can also give the perception to many of a less difficult workout.
* a great way to burn off the stress of the day.
* possible chance of eating less afternoon snacks and a big evening meal.
* decreased chance of sustaining injuries as the body is nicely warmed up.

* very easy for work and social activities to interfere.
* may just feel too exhausted or overwhelmed to workout.
* peak time of day at most gyms is straight after work, increasing wait times for equipment, and possible time constraints on equipment usage.

The Late Evening Workout

* may help with sleep disorders.
* can workout while the rest of the house is sleeping.
* reduce the stress of the day.
* gyms less crowded.
* great way to relax your mind.
* may reduce the size of your dinner and after dinner snacks.
* less distractions.

* gym may be closed.
* you may just be too exhausted too bother.
* outdoor workouts are less safe at nighttime.
* you may not receive the full benefits of the raise in metabolism for the same length of time after the workout because once you go to sleep, your metabolism automatically slows down.


While research has shown that most people are best suited physiologically to exercising in the late afternoon or early evening daily distractions can make this time of day inconvenient and unreliable for many. Research shows that those who workout in the morning are more consistent in the long term. Basically, you should select a time of day that is going to work best for you. After all, exercise at any time is better than no exercise at all.

Healthy Eating Habits For Improved Health And Weight Control

Healthy eating habits are important for maintaining not only good health, but better weight control. We have all heard the saying “you are what you eat”, and research is continuing to show us that this is probably even more true then we realized. As developed nations battle obesity pandemics, the statistics for diseases caused by weight related issues such as diabetes type 2, heart disease, strokes, and many forms of cancer are also on the rise.

Eating right to lose weight.

For many of us, the main goal for eating more correctly is to try and shed a few pounds. Basically, the formula is fairly simple. The more energy (or food) that you eat, the more activity you will have to perform to prevent the energy converting into another love handle. For many, this is a lot easier said then done. More sedentary jobs, computers, TV’s and a slowing metabolism caused by the aging process, are all hurdles that most of us have to overcome. We humans are no longer out there chasing down our dinner before we eat it.

Weight loss at its most basic comes down to eat a little less, and exercise more. Eating smart can be a simple yet effective way to reduce your calorie, fat, or carbohydrate intake. Reading the nutritional labels on foods is a must. Once you start you will be astonished at the varying fat and sugar levels in foods that appear to be the same. It goes without saying you should be consuming the product lower in fats and refined sugars.

Another simple way to keep you metabolism running faster is to eat smaller portions more often. The longer you leave it between meals the more your body will want to hang on to that next meal. Eating every 2-3 hours sends your body the message that it is not in starvation mode. When your body goes into starvation mode it will hang onto every last little calorie that you consume.

The important message from this is small meals. If you should start to eat 5 giant meals per day you will end up heavier than before you started. Take a look at what you would normally consume in a day, and split it into 5 smaller serves. If you should start to eat less than you used to, and are eating 5 times a day, your metabolism will definitely speed up. The faster your metabolism, the more fuel, or calories, it is burning.

Healthy eating pyramid.

* The healthy eating pyramid is basically a triangle representing safe eating guidelines recognized globally. The pointy bit at the top (or apex) represents the smallest amounts of food that you should consume in a day. The wide base at the bottom represents the largest amounts of food that should be consumed. See diagram below:


* Unhealthy items high in fats and sugars, such as sweets and potato crisps, along with most butters, fats, sour cream, mayonnaise, and desserts are firmly in the group at the top. Cakes, biscuits, pastries, chocolate, jams, and sodas are also included in this group. These items should be eaten sparingly, if at all. The more intent you are on weight loss, the less you should be consuming from this group. However, it is important to remember that your body does require some good quality oils in the form of olive oil, avocado, fish (omega-3), or nuts. These types of oils are considered heart healthy. The fats and oils that should be avoided are those that are supplied by dairy and animals. Of course, deep fried anything should always be avoided, whether you are looking to lose weight or not. Aim for as few servings as possible, ideally less than 3.

* Milk, yogurts and cheeses are good quality sources of calcium and protein. Those looking to lose weight should aim to select the lower fat varieties. Aim for 2-3 servings daily. One serving equals 1 cup milk or yogurt, or 2 ounces of most cheeses.

* Meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and nuts are an important component of the daily diet. These quality sources of proteins should be consumed in their leanest (lowest fat) form possible. Kidney beans and tofu also fall into this category. Aim for 2-3 servings daily. One serving equals 1 egg; 2 Tablespoons seeds or nuts; 2-3 ounces of cooked fish, meat or poultry.

* Fruits are high in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and many also in antioxidants. Fruits can make for great snacks. If you are on a strict weight control regime opt for those lower in sugar fruits. Fruits are best off eaten fresh, rather than tinned, for both the nutritional value, and also the lower sugar levels in fresh, as opposed to tinned which has a much higher sugar content. Aim for a minimum of 2 servings of fresh fruit daily. One serving equals 1 medium sized apple, orange or banana; or three quarters of a cup of fruit juice.

* Vegetables are filling, high in fiber, low in sugar, and jam packed full of vitamins and minerals. Try and select from a variety of colored vegetables daily. The brighter the color, the more nutrition. One serving is considered to be three quarters of a cup of vegetable juice; or half a cup of chopped fresh vegetables. Please note that technically potatoes fall into the following category of complex carbohydrates.

* Breads, cereals, rice, grains, potatoes, and pasta contain complex carbohydrates and essential sources of Vitamin B. Choosing the whole wheat versions of these products will also ensure that they are higher in fiber. Refined, sugary versions of these foods should be avoided as they are higher in glycemix index and will cause your blood sugar levels to spike. The less processed these foods, the longer they will fuel you and the longer you will feel full. Anyone who has been on a low carb diet will no doubt cringe that experts recommend 6-11 servings daily. (No this doesn’t mean that you should have 11 slices of bread or toast in one day.) Servings are considered to be one half cup cooked rice or pasta; one slice of bread; half a bread roll or bagel; one half cup cooked grains or cereals; one ounce muesli or breakfast cereal.

* The food pyramid is an easy guide to follow. Generally, women should be consuming the smaller suggested servings and the active guy the larger serving.

* Many food pyramids also include 8 glasses of water at the bottom as well.

Healthy eating tips.

There are many simple strategies that you can employ to improve your eating habits:

* Grocery shopping should only be done with a shopping list. Don’t visit the grocery shop when you are hungry, depressed or tired. Your resolve is much lower at those times. Stay away from the middle of the grocery shop, as most supermarkets are designed with the healthy items, including the fruits and veggies, around the outer perimeters of the store. It goes without saying, you should stick to the list. If it isn’t in your pantry you won’t be able to eat it.

* Organic foods may cost a little more, but have the advantages of tasting better, and potentially being less toxic. Do you really want to eat the pesticides and herbicides with your salad? Growth hormones in your meat?

* Recipes. Select a variety of recipes from your magazines and books. Low fat, diabetic, vegetarian, whatever you fancy. New recipes inspire the whole family to become more interested in their dinner.

* Cooking your food from scratch is always the more healthy, and cost effective option. This allows you to ensure that your ingredients are healthy and as unrefined as you prefer. If you are cooking for one, make a batch and freeze the rest for later.

* Plan your meals in advance. This prevents the “empty fridge” syndrome where you are forced into getting take out as there is nothing else to eat.

* High fiber foods fill you up, tend to contain complex carbohydrates, and have been linked to decreasing such things as bowel cancer.

* Smaller portions are essential if you are wanting to lose weight. Measure and weigh your portions for a few days. You will probably be amazed to see what one serve actually is, as opposed to what you are eating.

* Eat quality foods for improved health. Fresh is always best, as the longer handling and more storage involved, the less nutrition is left in the food.

* Fruits and vegetables are full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Antioxidants are vital in fighting off the free radicals in our bodies that are responsible for aging, cell destruction, and many cancers.

* No mindless eating. Eating in front of the computer, television, or while reading or working, is mindless eating. You are not concentrating on the foods you are consuming, and in these situations tend to eat far more than you would normally.

* Self-education is vital for a successful eating campaign. Libraries, magazines, and the Internet are great resources for educating yourself about correct food choices.

* Nothing happens overnight. Yes, we all want to lose weight tomorrow when we start a diet today, but that is unrealistic, and unhealthy. You didn’t gain your excess pounds overnight, and they will not vanish overnight either. ( Sad but true.) Set yourself realistic goals, otherwise you will become disappointed, depressed, unmotivated, and throw in the towel before you have even started.

* New eating plans can feel odd initially, but after a few days to a week, your body and mind will have adjusted and you will have yourself a great new set of eating habits.

* Before and after measurement and photos can be a great way to keep yourself motivated. Even if you are not planning on losing any weight you will probably find that your belly is less bloated when eating more healthy foods.

* No emotional eating. Eating when bored, depressed, stressed, anxious, or even as a reward, is emotional eating. We should all eat when we are hungry, and not use food as an emotional crutch. Emotional eaters tend to end up with weight problems. Food will not make you feel better, and in many instances you will actually feel worse than before you started. If you feel that you eat with your emotions, perhaps try replacing the food with a brisk walk, or phone or text a friend. Anyone who feels that their emotional eating is out of their control should seek support.

* Eating disorders affect more than 36 million people in the US alone, with 11 million suffering from anorexia or bulimia, and another 25 million suffering from binge eating, or compulsive over eating. Underlying psychological problems can cause eating disorders, including low self esteem, and respond extremely well to professional assistance. Symptoms of eating disorders include obsession with weight and food, depression, anxiety, weight fluctuations, and an inaccurate self-assessment of body image. More than 80% of those suffering from an eating disorder can be successfully treated, or cured, with professional help.

The benefits of eating healthy include:

* improved metabolism.

* glowing skin.

* can reverse aging process.

* reduces risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and some cancers.

* fights free radicals.

* stabilizes blood sugar levels.

* improves moods.

* reduces food cravings, and mid-afternoon slumps.

* increased energy.

A healthy eating plan

A healthy eating plan incorporates servings from all food categories contained on the food pyramid. Fresh foods are always going to be more tasty and more healthy. Eating a variety of colorful foods will ensure that you are receiving plenty of vitamins and minerals.

Eating disorders are becoming more prevalent in developed nations, along with rising obesity rates. A well balanced diet combined with regular exercise will not only keep your weight within healthy guidelines, but will also help prevent some avoidable health issues such as heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes.

How To Lose Weight Successfully And Permanently

Obesity rates are rising throughout the western world. For most of us, that means that many of us have a pound or few to lose. These days, being a little overweight is almost perceived as normal. However, we all know that to maintain a healthy life we should be keeping our weight in the healthy range. Failure to do this leads to heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, arthritis and many other unpleasant health issues.

We are all so used to instant gratification that it can be hard for any of us to get into better eating and exercising routines. We all want the weight to fall off yesterday and to look and feel like we did 10 years, or 10 pounds, ago. The best way to lose weight successfully for the long term is to start with a sensible eating plan and stick to it.

Lose Weight Naturally

For those who are seeking a healthy lifestyle, a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables will have you glowing and full of energy in no time. Fresh foods prepared at home have much lower levels of fats, sugars and salt, than most foods bought on the run. Preparing food yourself is not only more cost effective but also allows you to have a better idea of the calories and carbs that you are consuming.

Fresh vegetables, nuts, fruits, and in particular, berries are full of antioxidants which have many health benefits. Natural foods such as cocoa beans, and chocolate, in particular, but also green tea and red wine (in moderation), are extremely high in flavonoids and phenolic acid which have recently been found to reduce fat secreting enzymes and triglyceride production in the fat cells of lab mice.

To lose weight naturally and safely is a fairly basic equation: eat less fuel than you are burning off. What does this mean? Eat less than you usually do, and exercise more than you usually do. Having said this, it is important that you maintain this ratio in a healthy balance. No one can exist forever on lettuce leaves and run 5 miles daily. Taking diets and exercising to extremes is not healthy, will burn you out, and leave you extremely bored and feeling dissatisfied.

A varied healthy diet and an exercise routine that you enjoy will be far more successful in the weeks ahead than a harsh diet with an unpleasant exercise component that you can’t maintain long term. Harsh diets and dreaded exercise routines will only led to broken diets and rebound weight gain. Generally the results of those diets are weighing more in the end than you did before you started.

Committing to a healthy and sensible lifestyle will enable you to maintain it long term. This will lead to permanent weight loss and not yo-yo dieting.

How To Lose Weight Safely

Slow and steady wins the weight loss race. Yes, we all want to drop a dress size overnight, but this will never happen safely. Fad diets and pills that claim to allow you lose ridiculous amounts of weight fast do sound tempting and better still, easy. However, they are never safe weight loss options. Generally, all you lose short term is muscle tone and fluid. The minute you rehydrate yourself, the pounds go straight back on.

It is important to not lose your muscle tone. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn in a day. Another way of thinking about it is, the more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism works. This is clearly a win-win situation for everyone. Combining some muscle resistance into your workout routine will not only having you looking more toned and terrific, but the extra muscle will be doing your metabolism a great favor.

Harsh low carb diets can be dangerous in the long term as the body starts to burn up muscle as fuel. While low carb diets can allow you to drop weight quite quickly initially, losing your muscle in the long term is counter productive to permanent weight loss.

Most diet experts agree that a safe weight loss goal is 1-2 pounds per week.

Easy Tips To Lose Weight

* drink at least 8 glasses of water each day. Not only will the water prevent you from becoming dehydrated while working out, the water will assist your body in flushing all those toxins out that are being broken down from the stored fat cells. Drinking plenty of water can also help alleviate the hunger pangs a little. Anyone participating in a low carb diet (less than 100 carbs daily) definitely needs to keep their fluid levels up to minimize kidney damage.

* exercise first thing in the morning. Many people swear by exercising before breakfast. The theory behind this is that your body is forced to burn up stored fat as there is no energy floating around your body from consumed food.

* don’t eat for an hour before or after exercising. This is similar to the theory above, where your body is forced to burn stored fat for its energy rather than whatever you have just put in your mouth.

* eat every 3-4 hours. Smaller portions broken up into meals every 3-4 hours is better for your metabolism than 3 big meals spaced further apart. When you body is receiving a constant supply of food it is happy to start burning fat as it realizes there is more food coming. However, once you go past the 4 hour mark your body instantly goes into starvation mode and clings to every last calorie that hits your lips next. For the doubters out there, take a good look at those you know who constantly seem to be eating and are super thin. Then there are the others who hardly eat a thing and gain weight just by looking at food. Having said this, we are not saying that you should eat 6 huge meals daily, rather divide what you used to eat during the day into 5 smaller portions. Better still, have 3 smaller meals, and 2-3 super healthy snacks, such as fruit or vegetables or low fat cottage cheese.

* weigh yourself weekly first thing in the morning. Most people’s weight fluctuates through a day or week. Select a day of the week to weigh yourself and stick to it. Don’t be tempted to jump on the scales every day, or twice daily, as you will only end up being discouraged. Don’t forget that all that water you are drinking actually weighs something on those scales!

* measure inches rather than pounds. Muscle weighs more than those flabby bits. Once you start toning up it can be disconcerting if you stop losing weight off the scales or even start to weigh more. This is where the tape measure and clothes come in. If you are looking better in your clothes then you are still losing fat overall. Your waist and hips may still be getting smaller but the muscle you are building up is weighing more. Another good reason to not become obsessed by the bathroom scales.

* incorporating lean protein into each meal is a great tip for leaving you feeling fuller for longer. Diets rich in good quality lean protein, for example, chicken, fish, or low fat cottage cheese, have also been proven to be effective in keeping the lost pounds off.


No successful weight loss campaign is complete without mentioning exercise. Exercising not only burns calories, but if done correctly can speed your metabolism for up to 48 hours after you have finished. A workout routine that incorporates an aerobic component and some resistance work is going to be best for losing those inches. The aerobic component will burn the calories and fat, and the resistance component will increase your muscle, allowing your metabolism to be more effective.

You should be exercising 3-4 times weekly minimum. Start off slowly and build your times up. Warm ups and cool downs are essential for minimizing muscle strains and injuries. Once you start becoming used to your workout you will need to up the intensity and times to achieve the same benefits. Concentrate on reaching your target heart rate and staying in the correct zone for aerobic or fat burning. These charts are easy to obtain online and are posted in most gyms.

If you are considerably overweight or out of condition you should seek a medical clearance before starting off around the block in your running shoes.

Select an exercise that you actually enjoy for maximum pleasure. This will also reduce your chances of giving up.

Exercise with a buddy for extra encouragement if you need it. Socialising and exercising at the same time will help the time go faster and not seem so hard.

Include the whole family in such pursuits as walking the dog, skating, roller-blading, skiing, running, or just playing. Every extra bit of movement will be burning more calories.

A weekly workout with a few different activities lessens the chances of injuries and boredom. Mix it up a bit. Try some of these exercises:

* Walking is an effective way of burning calories and fat. Walking is a free activity that is low impact on the joints and a great place to start for those who haven’t exercised for a while. Walking is also great for warming up and cooling down before running and jogging.

* Jogging is great form of aerobic exercise for those with some level of fitness. As time goes by you will be able to pick up the pace and increase your distance.

* Skipping rope is another great and cost effective way to shed those pounds. 10 minutes of skipping rope is equivalent to a 30 minute jog. Great for the time challenged and a portable piece of exercise equipment. Also invaluable for when the weather prevents running and walking outside.

* Weights and bands are great for strength and resistance work. Depending on your budget, you can either workout at home or in a fitness club. There are numerous DVDs out there to give you some workout tips. Strength training can either be incorporated with an aerobic workout or performed separately on a different day.

* Swimming is a great form of aerobic exercise with minimum impact on sore joints like knees and hips. A vigorous swim will burn calories and can make a nice change from a jog or walk.

* Aqua aerobics is the perfect solution for those with joint problems, rehabilitation, pregnant ladies, and the elderly or unfit. The water acts as both a cushion for the joints and resistance for the muscles. Highly recommended for those who have difficulties exercising without encountering discomfort.

* Exercise bikes are highly effective ways of burning the calories and the fat. The great advantage to exercise bikes is that you can install one at home and pedal away at all hours of the day and night when the gym may be closed. Exercise bikes also make a great option when the weather is too nasty to exercise outdoors. Nowadays, exercise bikes have plenty of built-in programs to prevent boredom setting in and you can see how many miles you have pedaled and how much of your lunch or dinner you have burned up. Heart monitors can make these calculations even more accurate. For those with lower back problems recumbent exercise bikes are probably a better choice. These are a little more like sitting in a proper chair and correct posture of the lower back is maintained. They are also easier to step through to get on and off.


There is no quick and easy way to lose weight successfully and permanently. A sensible and healthy diet combined with exercise 3-4 times weekly at minimum is the best formula. Once you become accustomed to the workouts you will enjoy them and miss them when you can’t do them.

Select exercise routines that you enjoy and this will make it easier for you to participate.

Crash dieting and fad diets are dangerous for your health and only result in less muscle tone, slowing down your resting metabolism. The more muscle tone you have, the more calories you will burn at rest.

Permanent weight loss is a lifestyle decision incorporating pleasurable workouts with a healthy and fresh diet. Once you start to reap the benefits you will be highly motivated to continue.

You Can Lose Belly Fat And Regain Your Health, Figure, And Self-Esteem

We all know that obesity rates are on the rise. However, did you know that an increased waistline can double your chances of type 2 diabetes for men and quadruple it for women? Most of us would love to lose belly fat, if not for health reasons, then possibly to look fantastic in our swimmers, regain our self esteem, or even just have more energy for day to day activities.

There are many many health related issues that you can actually reduce your risk of getting by shedding your stomach fat. Heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, arthritis, sleep disorders, and cancer, along with type 2 diabetes, are just a few unpleasant conditions that you can minimize by keeping your weight within a healthy BMI.

Of course, the other great advantage to losing weight and getting in shape is how fantastic you feel in yourself. The better food, and the increased exercise makes for so much more energy in the day. Your skin glows, the compliments start flying, and you start thinking “I should have done this years ago. What was I waiting for?”

I have found a downloadable e-book TruthAboutAbs that I can highly recommend that is both simple and safe. Even more importantly, the e-book contains the diet and all the exercises you need. It has been written by Mike Geary who is qualified as both a personal trainer and nutritionist. This diet is easy to understand and even better, you do not have to buy any extra’s like fat burners, supplements, or recipes. This e-book covers the whole package from foods, working out, and how to get into better shape. The diet is safe and easy to follow long term. TruthAboutAbs is not one of those diets that destroys your metabolism and has you weighing more than you did in the beginning.

Many people wait for their doctors to order them to lose weight before they do so. But why wait for a stroke, high blood pressure, a heart attack or diabetes to lose those pounds? Why not be proactive and get in there first and order the book now?

TruthAboutAbs has been designed to strip your belly fat off fast and effectively. Mike advises you as to which foods are the best to speed your metabolism, which trigger fat burning hormones, and which are the nasties that trigger the fat storage hormones. Mike also gives you the lowdown on the best form of exercise, which exercises you should be doing, and how often. (Surprisingly, 100’s of crunches daily is not the solution to losing your belly fat.)

Many of us have tried numerous other diets with interesting names and even more interesting concepts. However, the sad fact remains that in the long term most of them do not work and the end results are rebound weight gain. I mean, if the last diet worked you probably wouldn’t be trying to lose body fat again, would you?

Did your last weight loss campaign fail because the diet made ridiculous promises that couldn’t be fulfilled? Did the diet fail because it was too strict and you couldn’t live on lettuce leaves forever? Did the diet fail because you couldn’t afford the hundreds of dollars you were supposed to spend on supplements or fat burners? Was the diet too hard too understand?

Possibly the diet failed because despite your very best efforts, the author behind the diet gave you incorrect information, or you were consuming foods that triggered your fat gaining hormones instead of fat burning hormones? (What a scary thought!) Even more scary, maybe you did get off the couch and exercised like a demon but still didn’t lose the love handles. Could it be that the exercises were not the right ones? Yes, to all of the above.

When there are many gimmicks, gadgets, diets, and fat burners on the market, it can be tempting to throw money at the ones that promise almost overnight success. I don’t know about you, but I love the thought of losing 7 pounds in a week. The problem is that once you stop you nearly always put back on 10 pounds and the symptoms from the diet almost always make you impossible to live and work with. Grumpy, hungry, grumpy, headaches, grumpy, feeling faint, bad breath, sound familiar?

Now, it’s time to be honest with yourself. Did you try your hardest last time? Did your old habits creep back up, along with the pounds? Never mind, this time you are determined to succeed and you will. You want your self esteem back. You want to look great in your swimmers. You don’t want muffin top when you are wearing your jeans and t-shirt. You want to look and feel like you did 10 years ago. You don’t want to get an obesity related disease.

TruthAboutAbs has been so successful that it is the consistently top selling abs program through Clickbank, worldwide, on the Internet. What’s more if you don’t like the e-book or you don’t get the results you are after, you have 8 weeks to ask for your refund. There is absolutely no risk, with a 100% guarantee, and a secure server that accepts major credit cards and also PayPal.

What’s to lose, apart from your belly fat or diabetes? Regain your self esteem and your health. Learn healthier eating patterns and maximize the effectiveness of your workouts. There is absolutely nothing else to spend. No vitamins, no extra recipe books, no stimulants or appetite suppressants.

Better still, right now they are giving away 7 free bonuses which on their own total some $155 if you were to purchase them separately. My favorites are the “Stability Ball Killer Abs Workouts” e-book which you can do at home, and “Skyrocket Your Fat Loss Success” which looks into the mindset needed for successful weight loss.

I have been thrilled with my results. My waist size is no longer catching up to my age. My blood pressure has come down and I feel fantastic. My family and friends are all saying how much younger and fitter I look. I wish I had found this diet and exercise program sooner, and I think you will too.

Lose the muffin top or love handles. Look how you want to look. Feel how you want to feel. Minimize your risk of getting self inflicted health issues. This program is simple, all inclusive, and safe. Click here to check out what could be a life changing program for you. Act now, while all the bonuses are still available.




Simple Yet Essential Core Strength Training Exercises And Tips

As the word would suggest, your “core” muscles are central to your body’s ability to move effectively, and to be adequately protected. Your core muscles protect your lower back, allow you to run faster, make you stronger, more flexible, and will provide you with better posture and balance. Weak core muscles can result from a sedentary lifestyle, excess weight, poor posture, previous injury, pregnancy, not enough flexibility,and low fitness. Read on for these simple core strength training exercises and tips.

* Classes such as Pilates, and kick boxing can all be excellent and fun ways to strengthen your core muscles.

* Frequency. Core exercises should be performed at least three times weekly. A well rounded exercise program would incorporate stretching, cardio, and strength training, in addition to working out those core muscles.

* Add resistance. You will build up your core strength by incorporating resistance into your abdominal exercise routine. Machines, weights, medicine balls, and resistance bands can all be used to increase your strength. As a generalization, if you are looking for strength as opposed to endurance, your repetitions should be only about 6-12 before you are feeling fatigued.

* Add a fitness ball.
Fitness balls are a great piece of equipment for core muscle workouts. The firmer the ball, the harder the workout will be. Generally a fitness ball that allows you to sit on it with your knees bent is about the correct size for you. When starting out exercising these muscle try doing 5 of each. As you become stronger and more proficient you can work up to 10 or 15. Abdominal crunches performed while balancing on your ball are a great and simple form of core exercise. Even sitting on a fitness ball and retaining your balance is giving those core muscles a workout. Why not replace your office chair with a fitness ball for improved balance and stability?

For even more inspiration on how to work out with a fitness ball, you may want to visit the Mayo Clinic site here.

Simple Vacation Exercise Tips – Don’t Bring Home Excess Poundage

Going on vacation is a time for fun, relaxation, eating, drinking, being merry, and unfortunately for many of us, a time for the pounds to creep back on. A relaxation of the usual exercise regime, a little too much of the food and drink, or a combination of both, no-one wants to come home with excess baggage in the shape of extra love handles as their vacation souvenir. Easy vfacation exercise tips provide a win-win situation no matter what type of vacation you are planning.

Nobody should have to totally dedicate their down time to counting carbs, fats and calories. Neither should you have to spend the whole time on the Stairmaster or rowing machine. By following some of these simple strategies, you can retain your fitness while on vacation:

* Pack your sand shoes.
This is pretty much a no-brainer. Without your workout shoes you will not be able to go for a quick walk or jog, or utilize any gym equipment you come across.
* Pack your workout gear and swim shorts. Even if there is not a pool or ocean in sight your swimmers at a pinch can double up for doing yoga or crunches in your hotel room.
* Resistance bands are lightweight and versatile. Pack a DVD or just memorize your favorite routine. Using just a door handle or a chair as props will give you a great resistance workout. You can get an all over workout without leaving your room.
* A beach towel can be used on the carpet for floor work or instead of a yoga mat.
* Exercise DVDs from home are a great choice for doing workouts in your room. Incorporate the exercise bands for a great workout.
* In-house gyms are ideal for the fitness fanatic accustomed to a gym. Try to go when the equipment is not in full use so you don’t end up spending your whole vacation waiting to use the treadmill.
* In-house fitness classes can be a better option then the gym. You will not have to spend time waiting to use the equipment, just pitch up and participate in the work out class.
* Family friendly activities such as roller blading, roller skating, ice skating, hiking, bush walking, throwing the frisbee, or flying a kite are all great ways for the entire family to burn off that huge breakfast. Bike riding is another great pursuit that all members of the family can participate in.
* Action vacations such as sailing, surfing, ski-ing or snow boarding, or trekking up a mountain, are all great ways to burn up plenty of calories and improve the whole family’s fitness levels.
* Walk around to see the sights. You will see far more of a foreign destination by getting around on foot. Walking ensures plenty of time for photos, working up an appetite, and no-one missing the sights being the driver.
* Ride a bike. Not only will you be burning calories, but you will be saving on your gas bill, and being kind to the environment. The best exercise bikes will have plenty of gears for those unexpected challenges. Don’t forget to wear your bike helmet.
* Get up early and go for a brisk walk or jog before the day begins. This can work well for the time challenged tourist. Exercising at the start of the day means that it is done, no matter what happens later.
* Dancing on tables is an underrated way to burn up a few calories after consuming all those drinks.
* Latest techno gadgets include an MP3 player by Yamaha called BODiBEAT which cleverly plays songs off your downloads that match the speed of your heart rate. You can also get a heart monitor that clips to your ear. VersaStick is another compact little package weighing just 3 pounds, and approved by airlines to travel in carry on luggage. This little gem includes a snap together bar, bands, and instructional DVD that incorporates core, cardio resistance, and other selections, for an all round 30 minute cardio workout.


A vacation should be a time to relax and unwind. Incorporating a little easy and enjoyable exercise can put a stop to vacation weight gains and loss of fitness.