Fitness Magazines – Inspirational Or Depressing?

Fitness magazines have become increasingly popular as more and more of the population looks for newer methods to beat the bulge and improve their health and fitness. Take a look at the magazine rack in your local store. Every month there seems to be more magazines dedicated to all the various genres of fitness. Weightlifting, men’s fitness, women’s fitness, weight loss, and the list goes on.

Are we finding these magazines motivating and helpful or are they just portraying unrealistic images that many of us will never be able to achieve? Should we believe some of the celebrities featured in these publications who claim they don’t watch what they eat, and stay bikini slim from running around the yard with their kids? (You have to admit, we have all read that statement from plenty of famous people.)

This begs the question, if they don’t watch what they eat and just run around with their children, how come the rest of us don’t look like them? Obviously, some of these folk may be blessed with great genes and a fast metabolism, but let’s not forget that many of these families have personal chefs and imported meals, which makes it incredibly easy to stay on track nutritionally.

So do we find these magazines helpful or depressing? There are always many informative articles in these publications that all of us can implement. The god or goddess on the cover is just there as a lure to get you to pick up the magazine. Those great images have been airbrushed. By all means, stick them on your fridge door as motivation when you next reach for the bottle of beer or chocolate bar.

The important thing is to not compare yourself too critically to a creature on a cover who has put in weeks, months, or even years at the gym, or with a personal trainer, to then be airbrushed. Fitness models often do not have a full time job dragging them out of the gym. Looking trim, taut and terrific with a 6 pack is their job.

We could all look like the cover guys and gals if we had the time to spend on our fitness that they do. Read the articles, be inspired, and don’t beat yourself up if you don’t look like the featured models.

Health and fitness should encompass your body and your mind. Set yourself realistic goals. Follow a nutritious diet. Incorporate a well rounded exercise campaign, including cardio and muscle resistance.

Use those fitness magazines to your advantage. Use the models as healthy inspiration if you want to. Don’t become depressed and discouraged if you do not end up with the same results. Remember that the image you are chasing has in all likelihood been airbrushed and photo-shopped.