How To Get Six Pack Abs – You Can Go From Fat Tummy To Flat Abs

If you are like me you, your washboard abs have become hidden under an extra layer of good living. Babies, beers, pizzas, the good life, these things can all wreak havoc with our waistlines. It is never too late to have the body you have always wanted, or perhaps had in the past. You do not need to hire a personal trainer or live-in chef to get those great abs. Wondering how to get six pack abs? It can be simple when you know how.

Not only do the love handles or muffin top make you feel a bit self-conscious in the tight jeans or bikini, but that excess tummy fat is also unhealthy. Those extra unnecessary inches on the tape measure are directly proportional to your risk of getting type 2 Diabetes. In other words, the bigger your waist, the more likely it is that you will end up being diabetic. If that is not enough incentive, asthma, arthritis, some cancers, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, stroke, and heart disease, are all proven to be worsened by and linked to obesity.

How would you like to get off the couch and revolutionize your health, life, and waistline all in one go? Revert to your former glory, or simply transform yourself into a poster girl or guy. What about the added health benefits of nipping all those nasty little health conditions in the bud, before you end up with a serious health condition?

Well just recently I discovered a downloadable e-book called TruthAboutAbs. I went for it originally because the author, Mike Geary, was qualified in both nutrition and as a personal trainer. I also felt safe about the fact that I had 8 weeks to ask for a complete, no questions asked refund if I wasn’t happy. I figured 8 weeks was plenty of time for me to get with the program and see if it really did work.

TruthAboutAbs also didn’t require any appetite suppressants or fat burners. The whole package was all-inclusive. Mike advises you on what to eat, the foods to avoid, and the absolutely best ab workout for flat abs. (Which by the way, I was stoked to discover is not doing hundreds of dreaded crunches every day.)

Mike’s program is easy to understand and safe. His theory is that to achieve ripped abs you need to lose the excess poundage on top of them first (think muffin tops and love handles). Mike’s workout program will totally change the way you think about exercise as you watch the fat melt away safely. Better still, the diet is more of a change of lifestyle in healthy eating habits, so it is easy to stick to, and you don’t end up with the rebound weight gain like you do when you stop living on lettuce or prawns alone.

Having flat abs is more than just looking hot at the gym or beach. Having a body that you are proud of does wonders for your self esteem. The more exercise that you start doing, the more you will want to do, and the better you will look and feel. The secret is though, are you doing the correct ab exercises, or the same routine that you have been following for years? Why waste your time on an ab workout that is suboptimal?

Are you tired of diets that need a manual for you to understand them? Are you weary of diets that actually end up making you bigger than before you started? Are you over signing on for a weight loss campaign and then being up-sold? You know, where you pay out money and then have to buy the menu plan extra, or the fat-burners every month to lose the weight?

Like you I was becoming increasingly skeptical, trying one diet after another. After a while it started to get confusing, to say the least. Should I be counting carbs, calories, or fat grams? Should I be running in the morning or the evening? Do I need to do 500 crunches every day to get nice abs, or should I be doing something else entirely different?

TruthAboutAbs explains the importance of eating right and staying healthy. There is absolutely nothing else for you to purchase, no gadgets, gimmicks, or meal plans. All you will be purchasing are your groceries and new jeans as the inches disappear.

Back to me, I was astounded at the sensible and simple approach to the program. Mike points out the dreaded foods that will sabotage your weight loss campaign and offers up plenty of tips to get your metabolism running on overdrive. Before long I noticed my belt coming in a notch. I was already starting to feel petty good from the healthy foods and the exercise, but this really spurred me on.

Shortly after this, friends and family started remarking on my improved appearance and levels of confidence. To top it all off, at my latest check up my doctor noted that my blood pressure had dropped and my BMI had come down substantially.

By the way, right now Mike is offering an unbelievable bonus when you buy the program. There are 7 extra helpful goodies that compliment his diet and workout. Two of the bonuses are “Ultimate Stair Exercises” and “Stability Ball Killer Abs Workouts” which can all be performed in the privacy of your own home. My ultimate favorite though is the “Skyrocket Your Fat Loss Success” which highlights the need for the correct mindset when attempting to lose weight. The extra 7 bonuses total up to $155, which is an excellent bargain and a great incentive to buy now.

TruthAboutAbs is the highest selling abs program on the Internet globally, according to Clickbank. Not only does this program offer a 100% guarantee, but your credit card safety is assured. If you don’t want to use your plastic, you can also utilise the additional safety of PayPal for your purchase.

I can totally recommend TruthAboutAbs. With the 8 week money back guarantee, there really isn’t anything to lose except for the love handles and inches. Why wait for diabetes or a heart attack? Why wait for your waist size to go up even more? Reclaim your life, good health, and great body. I did it and you can too. Get off that couch today. Enough of putting things off till tomorrow or next week. Click here to start the TruthAboutAbs program today.


Daily Heart Health Tips To Avoid Heart Disease

Recent research has shown that we are much more capable of slowing down the aging of our hearts than was originally thought. The heart is one of the most important organs of the body. A diseased heart makes for a shortened and unhealthy life. A heart that doesn’t work at all is incompatible with living. To lead a pleasant and long life, these daily heart health tips and strategies are surprisingly simple and enjoyable.


Aerobic exercise performed at least 5 times per week is ideal for heart health. Some studies have shown that at least 1000 calories should be burned off in aerobic exercise weekly to benefit the heart. Try these simple forms of aerobic exercise to keep your heart ticking for longer:
* Walking at least 1.5 miles daily has been proven to be beneficial for your heart. Start off with smaller distances and gradually work your way up. Another way of looking at the walking is to remember that cardiologists recommend walking for at least 30 minutes every day. This amount of walking apparently significantly reduces the risk of heart attack. Walking is also a great mood elevator, and assists with weight control.
* Exercise bikes like the Life Fitness 9500 recumbent exercise bike are another great way to improve cardiovascular health. These bikes come with heart monitors and various fitness and exercise programs to keep you motivated. Exercise bikes are a great way to keep the aerobic exercise going when the weather outside is too unpleasant.
* Swimming and aqua aerobics are other effective forms of aerobic exercise for those who like to get wet.

When participating in aerobic exercise it is important to stay well hydrated. Anyone who is unfit, over weight, has a health condition, or hasn’t exercised in a while, should seek a medical clearance before pulling on their running shoes.


We are what we eat, and our hearts have to keep pumping, despite what we consume. Diets high in salts and animal fats increase the build up of fatty deposits in blood vessel walls, resulting in the heart having to work a lot harder.
* The Mediterranean diet has long been famous for its heart healthy benefits. This diet promotes small amounts of meat, plenty of grains, heart healthy fats and oils, such as virgin olive oil, and a diet rich in colorful fruits and vegetables. The Mediterranean diet also allows red wine, in moderation. Garlic and omega-3 fish oils are also important ingredients.
* Flavonoids are antioxidants that are found in chocolate, fruits, vegetables, and some grains. Flavonoids have been shown to reduce blood pressure, and decrease bad blood cholesterol levels, both significant factors in heart disease. Soy protein, green tea, and chocolate containing more than 70% cocoa, were all found to be helpful in various ways for improving heart health.
* Red wine contains resveratrol, a natural compound, which has recently been shown to slow down the aging process in the hearts of mice. Even in low doses, the resveratrol seemed to alleviate the decline in heart function that is normally associated with aging. Resveratrol is found in large amounts in both red wine and grapes.

Stop smoking.

Ceasing smoking is an easy way to improve the health of your heart. Smoking increases blood pressure, and dramatically reduces the health of blood vessels. Smoking also contributes to deposits, or plaque, in vessel walls.

Healthy body weight.

The less you weigh, the less burden you are placing on your heart. Those extra pounds eventually add up to an overworked cardiovascular system. People suffering from type 2 diabetes also have a much higher chance of heart disease.

Reduce stress.

The more stress you encounter, the higher your blood pressure will be. High blood pressure is a known contributing factor to heart disease. Lowering your stress levels with yoga or gentle exercise will have you feeling better and take some points off your blood pressure.


LDL, or the unhealthy cholesterol, is responsible for forming fatty deposits on the inner walls of the vessels of your heart and brain. This eventually leads to heart attacks and strokes. Green tea and omega-3 fish oils are 2 simple and natural ways to reduce your LDL levels.

Heart healthy nutrients.

Calcium, CoEnzyme Q10, Vitamins C and E, Maitake, Ginkgo biloba, Magnesium, Selenium, and L-Carnitine, are all potentially powerful nutrients needed for optimal heart health. Many of these products are featured in antioxidant supplements. These substances can have damaging side effects when taken incorrectly. Consulting a health practitioner is recommended before taking any heart supplements. Consuming these products through natural whole foods is a much safer and healthier option. For more information on the dangers of antioxidant supplements you may like to read this article on the dangers of antioidants.