How To Fight Cellulite

No matter how thin you are, if you are a female, chances are you have some dimpling on your body somewhere. This dimpling is known as cellulite and occurs in up to 95% of women. You can fight cellulite and win.

Women are more prone to the visible effects of dimpling due to the way their fat cells are collected under the skin. While men have their fat cells running in horizontal lines among the connective tissue, women’s fat cells are clustered in a more honeycomb pattern which gives rise to the orange peel appearance.

Cellulite tends to strike the hips, thighs and tummies. Cellulite can and does strike the thin, the rich and the famous. Most celebrities are also fighting cellulite problems.

Some of the suspected culprits for cellulite formation are:

· aging. The older you get, the thinner your skin, making any underlying fat cells more obvious.
· genetics. Yes, you can blame your mother. Cellulite really is the luck of the gene pool lottery.
· hormones. Pregnancy and the Pill are both believed to make many women’s cellulite worse, due to an increase in the hormone oestrogen.
· excess weight. Any excess pounds sit on your body in fat cells. The bigger the fat cells, the more obvious the cellulite.
· gender. Only 5% of men will ever suffer from cellulite.
· insufficient water intake. (For further information on the correct amount of water to consume you may want to read this article on water.)
· poor diet consisting of over processed foods.

How to rid yourself of cellulite

There are many clinics and sites promising a quick fix for your cellulite. Sadly, most of these quick fixes are costly and only smooth your skin for about 1 day. Using the combination listed here will allow you to fight your cellulite:

1. Detox diets can be effective in ridding your body of its overload of toxins. Less toxins equals less cellulite.

2. Exercise. Exercise is probably the most important component in your fight against cellulite. Exercise will increase your muscle tone and decrease your wobbly bits. Increased exercise in conjunction with a sensible eating program can decrease the size of your fat cells, resulting in less obvious cellulite. An exercise bike can be an effective way to fight the dimpling and you can access some fantastic exercise bike reviews here. Exercise will also increase your metabolism, improve your blood circulation, and will firm up your tissues. Exercising ensures you will maintain more lean tissue with age, dramatically reducing the incidence and appearance of the cellulite.

3. Diet. A diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables, high in fiber and low in fat will result in a decrease in cellulite. Over processed foods will only add to the problem. Fresh grapefruit has long been associated with helping in the fight against cellulite. Grapefruit apparently helps flush out toxins, breaks down fat cells, and speeds up your body’s metabolism.

4. Water intake. Drinking an adequate amount of water daily will ensure that toxins in your body are able to be flushed out. Additionally, well hydrated skin tends to be more plumped out, making the cellulite less obvious. You should be drinking 6-8 glasses of water daily.

5. Deep massage therapy may apparently help in breaking down the collection of the fat cells. While the fat cells may be made smaller, no amount of massage will be able change the honeycomb pattern of your connective tissue.

Remember, your cellulite did not really appear over night and it will take some time and patience to get rid of it. A healthy diet and regular exercise will go a long way to fight cellulite. Don’t despair, your cellulite can be banished.