Great Ideas For A Home Gym That Will Work Well For Your Workout

Gone are the days of having to sweat it out on your exercise bike next to your bed. Or, perhaps even worse, being locked down in the dingy damp basement with your weights, treadmill and old dodgy black and white TV for company. In the last decade home gyms have really come into their own. Sales of home gym equipment have jumped from $900 million to an astonishing $4.7 billion since the early 1990’s. If you are looking for some inspiration, read on for these great ideas for a home gym.

* Floor space. The general consensus would appear to be that the minimum floor space for an adequate home gym would be 10 feet by 12 feet. This gives you enough space to layout any machines and mats easily. If you have to keep rearranging your equipment to use, you tend to stop.

* Ventilation. It may have been the basement or garage, but that does not mean it has to smell that way. Likewise your spare room does not need to start smelling like a stale locker room. Windows and overhead fans will be adequate. If there are no windows, invest in a great fan.

* Lighting. Daylight or fluoro lighting is best. This type of lighting tends to keep you alert and awake. Beware of spotlights as they will annoy your eyes.

* Entertainment.
Depending on what you type of exercise you are doing in your home gym will determine the appropriate entertainment. If you are into yoga, you will just need a sound system. Fans of exercise bikes may prefer to watch TV while pedaling away the miles. Have your music programmed to your needs. Slow, upbeat, whatever. If you are a fan of DVDs then you will need a system in place to allow you to watch your fitness or exercise program while you workout.

* Extras such as bar fridges, and small sinks can be great for cool refreshments. Shelves for holding towels, and adequate storage systems for weights etc are essential to keep the floor space clear.

* Decoration on the walls to keep you inspired or motivated can be great. Another good idea can be to have a floor length mirror installed to ensure that you are performing your moves correctly. A mirror will also make the room appear larger and lighter.

* Flooring. Rubber flooring is great if you can manage it. The rubber will absorb the sound and impact. It will also prevent the flooring underneath from being damaged if any weights are dropped. Ensure that the flooring is strong enough to carry the weight of the equipment.

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