Danger! Low Fat Foods May Be Making You Fatter!

For the past 30 years or so the Western world has seen a huge rise in the popularity of low fat foods. Yet, in the same time frame the Western world has also seen a huge rise in obesity rates. If we are all eating low fat diets why are we all getting fatter? There are several reasons why consuming foods labeled “no fat”, “reduced fat”, or “low fat” may be making you bigger.

Reduced fat foods don’t necessarily make you slim. Consider the following:

* You don’t feel as full or as satisfied after eating foods with a reduced fat content. Foods with a higher fat content leave you feeling fuller and more satisfied for longer. The result? People who don’t eat lowered fat products tend to eat less in one meal, and then snack less. Their next main meal tends to be smaller as well.

* You actually end up eating more from perception. One of the most scary findings from dieting studies has shown that people eating lower fat foods can end up eating up to 28% more than they would have. The justification that it is lower in fat somehow seems to translate into it is OK to eat more. This can result in a calorie blowout of up to a staggering 40% for those who are already overweight and consuming larger portion sizes.

* High carb high calorie. There are many low fat items that are stuffed with high GI carbs, high calories, flavor enhancers, sugars and other baddies designed to make the food tastier. Low fat doesn’t necessarily mean healthy, low carb, or low calorie.

* Pastas, breads, candies, marshmallows, and sodas are all examples of low fat foods. However, none of these food items are necessarily nutritionally healthy and we can all see that consuming too much of any of them would result in an increase in our waistlines.

* Reduced fat foods are often less tasty than their regular fat cousins. For many this often results in eating more to get the same flavor kick or sense of satisfaction.

* Foods that are high GI foods can often be reduced fat. So instead of eating a regular yogurt because you are on a diet, you eat the no fat version, which is loaded with sugar to counteract the loss of taste with the removal of the fat. The lower fat content does not keep you feeling full for as long so you eat a snack sooner that you would have. The fact that it contains no fat means you probably ate more because you weren’t satisfied, and you also thought it was OK because it was labeled “Diet” or “No fat”. Your next meal will also be bigger than it would have been as you will be hungrier. So a false economy in all dietary means.

Dietary recommendations:

* 25% of calories in the diet should come from healthy fats.
* Trans fats and saturated oils such as animal fats and lard should be avoided.
* Deep fried foods are unhealthy and will make you fat.
* Healthy fats and oils should only ever be eaten sparingly.

Good fats.

Not all fats were created equal in the nutritional stakes. Fats that are healthy in small portions include:

* avocado
* olive oil
* nuts and seeds (a small handful daily is sufficient).
* oily fish such as tuna or salmon.

Risks of not enough fat in the diet.

* Reduced immunity. People who consume insufficient fat long term end up with lowered immune systems. The reason? The cells in the body used to fight disease prefer fats as their fuels.
* Decreased absorption of the fat vitamins A, D, and K.
* Essential fatty acid depletion leading to eventual iron and zinc deficiencies, resulting in skin, hair and nail problems.


When selecting reduced fat foods it can be a great idea to check the label to ensure that they are also low in sugar. Low fat foods are not necessarily healthy, low calorie or low in sugars. People who consume foods labeled as low fat tend to consume more calories and snacks than those who don’t. Healthy fats, in small amounts, are essential for good health and immunity.

Recent Survey Shows Americans Smarter About Nutrition

Are Americans smarter about nutrition? The answer is “Yes”. It would appear that in spite of obesity rates still rising more and more Americans are becoming better educated about their diets and nutrition. The American Dietetic Association (ADA) has just released its annual report on the eating and exercise habits of Americans. This study has been performed yearly since 1991. Read on to see where you fall in the survey.

ADA Survey Findings.

* The 2008 findings revealed that those people who did not want to know about diet or exercise at all, known as the “Don’t bother me” group, had fallen significantly from 1 in 3, or 32%, in 2002 to 1 in 5, or 19%, in 2008.
* 43% of Americans surveyed revealed that they are “Already doing it”, meaning that they consider themselves to be following a nutritious diet and exercising on a regular basis. This figure has jumped from 38% in 2002.
* 38% of Americans “Know they should” but haven’t quite gotten into better patterns yet. This has also raised from 30% in 2002.
* Overall, 67% of those surveyed considered nutrition and diet to be very important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
* 61% considered exercise to be extremely important as well.
* More women then men thought that both exercise and diet were important to remain healthy.
* Americans of all ages thought that some form of physical activity was important for maintaining health.
* Interestingly enough, younger Americans considered nutrition to be far less important then the older age groups.
* Americans with a higher education of college or more considered nutrition to be more valuable than those who finished at high school.
* The surveyed Americans also revealed that many of them have altered their diets over the last 5 years. An impressive 50% were now eating more vegies, 48% more fruits, and 56% were eating more whole grains. Meat consumption was on a decrease with 41% eating less beef and 33% consuming less pork.
* The number of Americans seeking information on correct nutrition has more than doubled in the past 8 years jumping from 19% in 2000 to 40% of the population in 2008.

What is Smart Nutrition?

* Consume less refined sugars such as pastries, white breads and pastas, cookies, sweets, candies, sodas, and starchy vegetables such as potatoes. Deep fried and salty foods should also be kept to a minimum. Consult your doctor about individual appropriate alcohol consumption.
* Smart nutrition also involves understanding the need for regular workouts. Regular exercise ensures less heath problems such as heart disease and diabetes type 2, and aids in weight control.

The average adult should aim for:

* Fiber. Fiber can be found in whole grains and fruits and vegetables. Males should aim for 30 grams daily and women for 20 grams daily.
* Vegetables especially leafy greens, and the more colorful varieties will provide a rich and varied source of vitamins and minerals. Aim for 3-5 servings daily.
* Fruits provide many essential nutrients along with fiber. Fresh is best. Aim for 2-4 servings daily.
* Dairy products such as milk and yogurt are best consumed as calcium enriched and low fat for adults. Aim for 2-3 servings daily. One serve is 1 glass of milk.
* Protein such as fish, eggs, cheeses, meat, chicken and beef. Try to select low fat options such as fish, and cut off any visible fat. Aim for 4-6 ounces of protein daily. One egg, 1/2 cup tofu, or 1/4 cup cottage cheese are all equivalent to 1 ounce of protein.


Americans are becoming smarter about their nutrition. Many Americans know what they should be consuming, and many more are keen to further their education about healthy nutrition choices. Are you eating smart?

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We all know that obesity rates are on the rise. However, did you know that an increased waistline can double your chances of type 2 diabetes for men and quadruple it for women? Most of us would love to lose belly fat, if not for health reasons, then possibly to look fantastic in our swimmers, regain our self esteem, or even just have more energy for day to day activities.

There are many many health related issues that you can actually reduce your risk of getting by shedding your stomach fat. Heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, arthritis, sleep disorders, and cancer, along with type 2 diabetes, are just a few unpleasant conditions that you can minimize by keeping your weight within a healthy BMI.

Of course, the other great advantage to losing weight and getting in shape is how fantastic you feel in yourself. The better food, and the increased exercise makes for so much more energy in the day. Your skin glows, the compliments start flying, and you start thinking “I should have done this years ago. What was I waiting for?”

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Many of us have tried numerous other diets with interesting names and even more interesting concepts. However, the sad fact remains that in the long term most of them do not work and the end results are rebound weight gain. I mean, if the last diet worked you probably wouldn’t be trying to lose body fat again, would you?

Did your last weight loss campaign fail because the diet made ridiculous promises that couldn’t be fulfilled? Did the diet fail because it was too strict and you couldn’t live on lettuce leaves forever? Did the diet fail because you couldn’t afford the hundreds of dollars you were supposed to spend on supplements or fat burners? Was the diet too hard too understand?

Possibly the diet failed because despite your very best efforts, the author behind the diet gave you incorrect information, or you were consuming foods that triggered your fat gaining hormones instead of fat burning hormones? (What a scary thought!) Even more scary, maybe you did get off the couch and exercised like a demon but still didn’t lose the love handles. Could it be that the exercises were not the right ones? Yes, to all of the above.

When there are many gimmicks, gadgets, diets, and fat burners on the market, it can be tempting to throw money at the ones that promise almost overnight success. I don’t know about you, but I love the thought of losing 7 pounds in a week. The problem is that once you stop you nearly always put back on 10 pounds and the symptoms from the diet almost always make you impossible to live and work with. Grumpy, hungry, grumpy, headaches, grumpy, feeling faint, bad breath, sound familiar?

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