Weight Loss Forever With The Well Respected Mayo Clinic Diet

The Mayo Clinic is a well regarded medical institution. Doctors and patients the world over look to the Mayo Clinic for their research and answers. The great news is that the Mayo Clinic has devised their own weight loss program. This is no gimmick or fad. This is a lifestyle program that is ideal for anyone who has been on the roller-coaster ride of fashionable diets and rebound weight gain. Read on for their tips to weight loss forever.

The Mayo Clinic diet is an all round healthy lifestyle management program that not only encourages healthy eating, but will also result in better health. This is a well rounded program that has been researched extensively by medical practitioners and nutritionists to ensure optimal health and habits. Continuing on with these healthy lifestyle choices will ensure that your weight will remain in a healthy range. No more rebound weight gain.

This lifestyle program does not solely focus on the size of your waist or the number of pounds you are seeking to shed. The Mayo Clinic program contains 4 equally important components:

1. Realistic goals

* Set goals for the week or month. These can be food related or exercise related, or both. Do you want to decrease your portion size? Do you want to increase the number of times you visit the gym, or walk the dog?
* Keep a journal of what you eat and how often you exercise. At the end of each week and month track your food consumption and exercise levels. If you have eaten more healthy foods and increased your activity levels, you will have also dropped some pounds.
* Set realistic goals. Look for the end of just one week or month to start with.
* Goals allow you better focus on your activity levels and the foods that you have consumed.

2. Get moving

* Regular exercise for weight loss and improved fitness is generally considered to be a structured regime.
* Regular exercise burns calories, reduces stress levels, and increases the metabolism.
* Start small and work up if you are out of condition. Start with 5-10 minutes and slowly increase to 30-60 minutes every day of the week.
* Eventually you should be able to manage to work up a sweat and increase your breathing rate.
* Every little bit of moving helps. Housework, yard work, walking the dog, are all forms of moving your body that will burn up some extra energy.
* Anyone seriously out of condition, overweight, or suffering from a health condition should get a medical clearance from their doctor before embarking on any form of exercise.

3. Motivation

Staying motivated is the key to success to any lifestyle change. Initially your mind and body may be resistant to these new healthy changes. Try some of these strategies:
* No diet fads or over the counter diet pills. Many of these are dangerous and will, at best, result in rebound weight gain when you stop.
* It won’t happen overnight. Healthy and sustainable weight loss and good health take time to achieve. The longer it takes to lose, the less likely it is to go back on.
* Timing. Do not try and embark on a new program if you are distracted by other serious issues. Wait until you can give these changes the attention they deserve. However, if the time is never right, you may need to look at your current lifestyle and stress levels.
* Positive reinforcement. Remind yourself how good you are feeling and looking. If you have a bad day or week, put it behind you and keep going. Don’t use a bad day as an excuse to go back to your old ways.
* Have a buddy. Exercising with a buddy makes it much more pleasant and harder to cancel. Sharing your triumphs, however small, with someone else is always very rewarding.

4. Mayo Clinic Food Pyramid

The Mayo Clinic eating plan means no starvation or deprivation.

* Unhealthy, calorie laden foods are to be eaten in small portions. These are located at the top of the pyramid.
* Fruits and vegetables will be the largest portion of the daily diet. These foods tend to be very filling and contain relatively few calories.
* Lean high quality proteins such as fish, and chicken, along with unprocessed carbohydrates such as beans and grains are allowed in moderate amounts.
* Eating the correct amounts in the correct portion sizes, along with appropriate exercise levels, will allow the average person to shed 1 or 2 pounds each week.
* For further information on the Mayo Clinic Food Pyramid click here:


The Mayo Clinic Diet is not a fad, and does not concentrate on rapid weight loss. The Mayo Clinic diet is a lifestyle change that encompasses sensible eating habits incorporated with appropriate exercise. The average person can lose 1-2 pounds per week on this program. Moreover, by embracing this program, there will be no rebound weight gain, and health will be optimized.