More Fat Loss In Less Time With Circuit Training Workouts

We all want to lose fat fast. We are all pushed for time. Circuit training workouts combine effective fat burning techniques in a time efficient manner. This results in fat burning fast. These types of workouts speed your metabolism, provide an aerobic component for cardio, and interval training for strength. Sound too good to be true? Read on.

The principles of circuit training workouts:

* you will not be having any breaks during the workout.
* while you are resting from the strength you will be performing cardio, and when resting from cardio you will be performing strength work.
* this is a combination of circuit and strength training all rolled into the one session.
* burns more calories more efficiently as you are always on the move.
* your metabolic rate is kept raised long after the session has finished.
* those who are accustomed to using heavy weights in their strength training can continue to do so in this type of workout.
* this works well in a home gym where you do not have to wait to get back on a machine or to use weights.
* you will need a watch with a second hand, or a stop watch. There are even great little interval timing gadgets that you can get that make it even easier with your own pre-set times.
* time saving workout, as you will be doing your weights and your cardio in the same session.
* training should never exceed 45 minutes or you will exhaust your body too much.
* as your fitness improves you can up the intensity of the cardio component.
* can be done 2-3 times per week. You need a day of rest between these workouts.

The basics:

* have everything set up before-hand as you need to keep your body moving.
* the cardio component can be as simple as a skipping rope, stepping, or a machine, depending on whether you are working out at home or in a gym.
* start with a 3 minute warm up to get a light glow going. Gentle cardio or a few light weights will be great.
* approximately 40 seconds of moderate cardio. It is important that you do not tire yourself out straight away. With no rest move straight onto..
* weights. Do the first set. It is important that you work hard, but not to the point of muscle exhaustion. Do not rush your movements. Perform them exactly the same way as you would normally. With no rest move straight onto…
* approximately 40 seconds of moderate cardio. With no rest move onto….
* next weight exercise. And so on until you have completed your weight routine.
* cool down appropriately.


Circuit training workouts are intensive and hard work. The results are impressive and fast.