3 Simple Tips To Maintain Your Ideal Body Weight

What is your ideal body weight? Is it the lowest possible number on the bathroom scales? Is it the equivalent of fitting into size 0 jeans? Is it looking like Mr. Universe? The answer is not necessarily. Your ideal weight is a range calculated from the Body Mass Index Calculator, which takes into account height and gender as factors determining your healthy weight range.

Your ideal weight will minimize your chances of heart disease, stroke, some forms of cancer, and type 2 diabetes. The less pounds you are lugging around, the less of a burden you are placing on the joints in your lower spine, hips, and knees. Your ideal body weight range will be where you feel comfortable and healthy in yourself.

Once you have reached the magic dress or jeans size, the trick is then to maintain it. Going back to your former eating habits and abandoning your workout routine entirely will have the pounds creeping back on. Before you know it you will be back in your fat clothes. How to keep the pounds from piling back on?

* Regular exercise is one of the best possible ways to keep a check on your weight. Working out not only burns energy, and tones muscle, but will also speed up your resting metabolism. This means that your body will be running more efficiently and burning more calories at rest for longer. While you may no longer have to work out as often as when you had to exercise to lose belly fat, you will still have to workout or perform some sort of physical activity, at least 3-4 times weekly. Selecting activities that you enjoy is a great way of ensuring that you keep it up.

* Eat balanced meals.
Rigidly starving yourself is not achievable long term. Strive for healthy well balanced meals that are both tasty and nutritious. Keep the meals and snacks that you enjoyed from your diet. Slowly bring back other foods that you may enjoy that are not so healthy.

Keep the unhealthy snacks and meals to a minimum on perhaps a once a week level. Total deprivation will only result in frustration, boredom and binges. However, eating the pizza, deep fried chicken, or sweeties on a daily basis may have you quickly back where you started from. Some people find that once they have banished the unhealthy foods from their lifestyle that they really don’t miss them or crave them. If this is you, then leave well alone.

* Plan ahead for both physical activity and meals.
Packing healthy snacks and salads for meals throughout the day can ensure that you are not left starving with only take away to solve your problem. If your days are hectic, try for an early morning walk or workout before the rest of the day interferes. If your diary is telling you that there is some serious calorie intake coming up, try to be a little more careful with what your are eating, and perhaps squeeze in a little more exercise, both before and after, to compensate.


Maintaining your ideal body weight is all about planning ahead and permanent lifestyle changes. Incorporating pleasurable physical activities as well as healthy and sensible eating will be much easier to maintain long term then 5 hours daily in the gym and living on raw salad.

Tips To Stay Motivated For Exercise And Beat Exercise Boredom

One of the hardest things to conquer when working out on a regular basis is exercise boredom. If you are starting to feel ho-hum about your work out, or feel that you could do it blindfolded, then perhaps it is time to implement some changes. Read on for some simple tips to help you stay motivated for exercise.

* Change locations. A change is as good as a holiday. If you are tired of looking at the same walls of your health club, or the same scenery on your morning walk, change the venue. For those exercising indoors, take it outside. If you normally workout in the great outdoors try something inside. If you normally run around the block, why not try an exercise bike indoors in front of the TV?

* Setting new goals can be a great way to keep up the motivation. Do you want to lose a few more pounds? Increase the biceps? Drop a further dress size? Lower your BMI? Lower your blood pressure? Reevaluate your reasons for working out and you will easily find new reasons to maintain the exercise.

* Take a break. If you are truly fed up you may well be burned out. Try taking a break for a couple of days and see if you feel any better. It can be easy to mistake boredom for burn out. If you don’t feel any better after a few days, then it is time to change to a new activity.

* Up the ante, make it harder. You may well be bored because it is now too easy. Set yourself new challenges and go for it. How much faster can you run or pedal? How much heavier can you lift? Can you run, swim, walk, or pedal further? Of course you can.

* Change the activity. No one is going to be inspired to run the same course for a year. No one wants to swim the same laps day in, day out either. If you only do the one form of exercise, think about swapping to something else. Better still incorporate some new activities and mix them around. Not only does this alleviate boredom, but will all also help reduce injuries from repetitively performing the same movements.

* Gadgets such as pedometers, heart rate monitors, stop watches, and even games on an exercise bike can add new interest to your workout.

* Have a workout buddy. This means that you have someone to socialize with, making working out a much more pleasant event. Chatting while working out should help to prevent boredom from setting in, and the pair of you should be able to think of fun activities to keep the fitness up. Having a workout buddy also makes it harder to cancel your workout.

* Select fun routines. Try and incorporate activities that you actually enjoy doing. Skating, swimming, biking, running, walking, skiing, rowing, dancing, yoga, or chasing the kids, there are plenty of fun ways to keep fit. Performing activities that you don’t enjoy, or even dislike, will not keep your interest in the long term, or even probably the short term.

If you are walking, biking, or running, take an Ipod and listen to your favorite music. If you ride an exercise bike or run on a treadmill, set up your home gym so that you can watch the news, movies, or whatever you don’t get a chance to normally do. This will enable you to see your exercise as a treat and not a burden. Some exercise bikes even have magazine or book holders attached so that you can catch up on your reading while pedaling away furiously.


Staying motivated for exercise can be easy when you know how. Changes in scenery, equipment, and goals are all simple and effective ways to prevent exercise boredom.